Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stars Over Blueberry Hill

Saturday was rainy and grey. Some very nasty weather danced all around Panama City; yet we did not take the brunt of the tornadoes like so many of our neighbors. We stayed under severe storm warning most of the day. I used the "better not sew - better not play on the computer" day to clean house, take a long nap and catch up on some reading.

At one point I was in the back part of the apartment and heard Ms Cha Cha cat on the kitchen counter. Get down - Now!, I called. No response or movement. What? As I headed toward the kitchen the electricity flickered off and back on. Paws hit the floor - followed by a black fur ball streaking down the hall. The microwave beeps loudly when the power comes on. Ms Cha Cha apparently thought it was going to attack her. She has avoided the kitchen cabinets today.

The weather is slightly cool today; although the sun is out and beautiful. I have the windows open for fresh air.

The fabric is cut for Stars Over Blueberry Hill, my version of Carrie Nelson's Decoy from her book Another Bite of Schnibbles. The fabric is Blueberry Crumb Cake by Blackbird Designs. Cutting took forever because I want the small (wall hanging) version which uses charm packs ,,,, the fabric I had was a layer cake. Extensive reading, studying, calculation and doodling was required on my part.

I am patiently waiting for the quarter inch foot to arrive for my new sewing machine. Stars Over Blueberry Hill is my project for my quilt group meeting on the 17th. I'm planning to use the new toy for this one.

Next weekend (the 10th) is the Christmas Quilt Along. I'm ready. The fabric for my Christmas quilt has been calling my name.

Ms Cha Cha is out from under the bed! I hope the scary microwave leaves her alone.

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Barb said...

Hope your foot arrives the fabrics!!