Sunday, March 25, 2012

CanNOT Stop - Too Close

I was all done when I posted yesterday. It was definitely time to clean house or read a book. Yet ... Pie a la Mode kept calling me. The brown border had me excited as the whole started to come together. What would it look like with the dark blue border? I had to know ......
The name Pie a la Mode was greatly influenced by the fabric - color and name - Blueberry Crumb Cake by Blackbird Designs. Every stitch had me dreaming of warm blueberry pie topped with creamy vanilla ice cream. A quick trip to the grocery after all the piecing has the blueberries in my refrigerator and the ice cream snuggled in my freezer. This evening the two shall meet.

The pattern is Carrie Nelson's Decoy from her another Bite of Schnibbles book. I am sold on the adorable little quilts (wall hangings - table toppers - pretties to admire!)

I've a busy day ahead. My favorite,for today, that is Ha! Ha!, niece turns 5. I have not seen her yet today but last night she was very convinced she would LOOK different this morning. I am excited to see the change! The party is a Disney Princess theme being held outside in the Florida sun. Should prove to be interesting! Ms Cha Cha cat has decided to skip the party - she says cats do not do parks full of running, jumping, "crazed" 5 year olds.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pie a la Mode

Converting my limited space from quilting to dress making is a time consuming project which simply did not happen last week, so the skirt sewing is on hold. Instead  I pieced stars #6 and 7,

relaxed and read after work. Then .... my fabric arrived from the Fat Quarter Shop - they are so super efficient. Stars # 8 and 9 were followed by the sashing and border #1 -

I was having such fun border #2 got added (the border pieces had been previously pieced!) -

One more border to go. Tomorrow ..... after a birthday party for a 5 year old.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

5 Star Rating

4 and 5 stars are typically used to rate hotels. I'm thinking my lovely Blueberry Crumb Cake by Blackbird Designs stars deserve a 5 Star Rating. Well.....there are 5 of them and I rather like the way they look (ha!) - actually matches my ironing board cover.
The 5 are going to have to wait awhile for the remaining 4 to join them. A calculation error (or was it my cutting skills?) created a need for a bit more material. A simple charm pack would suffice except the charm packs I found online lack one of the fabrics I really want. Oh, well. The Fat Quarter Shop had yardage and since I love the fabric I know I will use the excess. I placed my order.

While I am waiting I think I will try my hand at my original sewing skill and make a skirt or two for the summer. I am wondering what a 5/8" seam will look like after working so hard to achieve a quarter inch - which got reduced to a "scant" quarter inch in the Schnibbles (Carrie Nelson) patterns?


Monday, March 19, 2012


The closet was cleaned - all winter clothing packed neatly away - the spring/summer clothing nicely hanging in color order. The closed-toe shoes replaced with sandals - Oh, Yeah! I'm thinking I deserve a small reward ...
Star #1 looks good! I love the Blueberry Crumb Cake colors. The rest of my chores are calling me. I enjoy a clean house just hate to walk away from my stars to get one. Okay! Okay!

Reel forward - the floors are clean, fresh sheets on the bed, bathroom scrubbed, supper baking in the oven and I have on clean clothes after my shower. Oh, Yeah! Now I know I deserve a reward ...
Star #2 joins Star #1! Don't they look pretty? I'm loving Carrie Nelson's method of getting 8 half square triangles out of 4 stitch lines. There is a bit of marking and cutting yet the method is quick and I like the results.

Ms Cha Cha says hello. She's finally out from under the bed. She is not fond of the vacuum, the dust cloth or even the laundry basket. She does enjoy watching the thread run through the sewing machine.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

National Quilting Day

Part of National Quilting Day I spent with my once a month quilting gang. We were a small group of which one had a disabled sewing machine waiting on a visit to the local repair shop and another was knitting as all her sewing supplies were stored to make room for out of town guests. This time of year is hard for all of us to get together. Spring cleaning, home repair projects, visiting friends and quick trips to see family/friends make juggling a free Saturday to quilt difficult. We couldn't pick a Saturday in April when all of the small group present could attend, so we picked the best for most.

The project I took was Carrie Nelson's Decoy. I was not in the mood to mark the pieces for the stars and elected instead to do rather mindless piecing - I stitched the scrappy border/sashing sections.
My new Brother CS6000i got safely secured in its very own seat belt and transported wonderfully. The machine sews beautifully and is oh, so lightweight!!! My favorite feature so far is the sewing speed control. Set the speed to slow and that is how it sews even if I accidentally stomp the foot control while laughing and gossiping with the girls.

Yesterday evening I enjoyed a traditional Irish meal - corned beef, new potatoes and cabbage - with friends. Such a great way to wind down the day.

Today is housework. I have a closest to swap out to spring/summer and lots of vacuuming to get done.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Festive Mystery QAL - final update - #3

I've taken the liberty of using plastic boxes with snap on lids instead of Quilt Sue's plastic bags. My very own personalization to the pattern (ha!) - snap on lids keep out curious, furry paws; better to have all the pieces next month.

I opted for a quick lunch and book this afternoon. The book didn't last long. I promptly fell asleep. Ms Cha Cha joined me for a snooze. We are up and refreshed.

The quilt along was wonderful. Joanna was the perfect hostess. Thanks ever so much, Joanna. I greatly enjoyed spending the day with all who joined. I'm already looking forward to next month when Lesley of The Cuddle Quilter is expecting us one and all to drop by her home.

I'm off for one more tour of all those who linked up this month and then I may start a tuna casserole (Cha Cha's ears are at alert) .....

She likes her tuna frill free, as in directly out of the package! I may spend a nice, quiet evening preparing for meeting with my quilting group next weekend. March is turning into quite a busy month.


Festive Mystery QAL - Update #2

Forty eight four patches all ready for their plastic bag until Quilt Sue decides to let them out. I love the green plaid fabric.

Joanna asked about music. Have you heard Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith ..... take a moment, enjoy a good laugh and reflect on this - Red Solo Cup is the current most requested song for Wedding Receptions in Panama City (or so the DJ I work with says ......... Interesting?

Me ..... give me Dylan, Joplin, Hendrix, The Eagles with a bit Simon & Garfunkle and The Eagles and, of course, my childhood love Blue Suede Shoes sung by Elvis himself.

Now it is decision time - do I relax with a good book or clean the house or perhaps cook up some lunch.


Festive Mystery QAL Update #1

Ms Cha Cha says Quilt Sue knows how to design a cat friendly quilt pattern .... all of those lovely paw sized strips waving! What a wonderful life! Until the crazy human stitched them all together and got out not only the horrid ironing board but the dreaded - SPRAY STARCH! How quickly a cat's day can be ruined.
Oh Yeah! We are doing "interesting" stuff again. The human has the stitched, pressed strips on the pretty blue mat and is using the fun rolling toy. We are having fun! Until, OH NO the human tossed the sweet, helpful kitty off the table. Bad human!
The stitching the human is now doing has absolutely no cat appeal. Apparently, she misunderstood Quilt Sue's instructions. Ms Cha Cha would rather take a nap ....
Eight down - forty to go. I'm off to check out what the rest of you are up to today.


Ready, Set, Waiting to Go

I',m up. Coffee in hand. My material for the Festive Mystery Quilt is calling my name. Joanna will be emailing the first sewing instructions shortly. I excited and ready to get going. Come join us.


Friday, March 9, 2012


Tomorrow ........ we get the first stitching instructions for the Festival Mystery Quilt designed by Quilt Sue for the Christmas QAL. The quilt along day will be hosted by Joanna of Needle Thread Happiness. Mark your calendar. I am looking forward to sewing along with everyone. The day will be wonderful.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stars Over Blueberry Hill

Saturday was rainy and grey. Some very nasty weather danced all around Panama City; yet we did not take the brunt of the tornadoes like so many of our neighbors. We stayed under severe storm warning most of the day. I used the "better not sew - better not play on the computer" day to clean house, take a long nap and catch up on some reading.

At one point I was in the back part of the apartment and heard Ms Cha Cha cat on the kitchen counter. Get down - Now!, I called. No response or movement. What? As I headed toward the kitchen the electricity flickered off and back on. Paws hit the floor - followed by a black fur ball streaking down the hall. The microwave beeps loudly when the power comes on. Ms Cha Cha apparently thought it was going to attack her. She has avoided the kitchen cabinets today.

The weather is slightly cool today; although the sun is out and beautiful. I have the windows open for fresh air.

The fabric is cut for Stars Over Blueberry Hill, my version of Carrie Nelson's Decoy from her book Another Bite of Schnibbles. The fabric is Blueberry Crumb Cake by Blackbird Designs. Cutting took forever because I want the small (wall hanging) version which uses charm packs ,,,, the fabric I had was a layer cake. Extensive reading, studying, calculation and doodling was required on my part.

I am patiently waiting for the quarter inch foot to arrive for my new sewing machine. Stars Over Blueberry Hill is my project for my quilt group meeting on the 17th. I'm planning to use the new toy for this one.

Next weekend (the 10th) is the Christmas Quilt Along. I'm ready. The fabric for my Christmas quilt has been calling my name.

Ms Cha Cha is out from under the bed! I hope the scary microwave leaves her alone.