Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hoping for Guests!

Four blocks waiting for Lynn, Lesley and/or Sue to come stitch together. Dinner is at 6 p.m., gals, and I have some large Gulf shrimp to throw on the grill. The weather is close to 80 degrees in Panama City, FL. The sun is shining and we have a nice breeze. Perfect weather for you gals to visit.

My Country Charmer may end up being a collective mismatch (hope not). If it does I will make pillows because I really like each individual block.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Cha Cha Signs Her Name

Now that I found decided to follow some blog setup/tweaking  instructions I have discovered Ms Cha Cha Cat can sign her name. 

Karen of So Many Ways has a whole page of Blogging Tips which I am finding oh so helpful, practical and  EASY to do. Karen is so sweet to do the research and share her findings with us. Thanks, Karen.

Check my new blog signature. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Center and A NEW BLOG HEADER

My second Country Charmer block was not screaming look at me as I walked by the layout sheet. I have mulled this over for several days. A quick center block change and .....
The block catches my eye now. The pretty replaced rose will gladly wait for another block or a different project.

A trip to the post office yesterday and I have Marti Michell's Deluxe Corner Trimmer. I can see two completed blocks in my near future.
Ms Cha Cha Cat is featured on our NEW BLOG HEADER! - Thanks to Karen of Sew Many Ways. Karen shares Fantastic!!! tutorials on blog setups and issues. She has a whole page called Blogging Tips.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013


My latest mail arrival ......
Move movement for my Country Charmer. The actual colors are much deeper and darker. The lighting is off. I would have sworn I ordered greens but I guess I changed my mind while placing the order. No matter I love the fabric.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Country Charmer amd Computers

These two yet to be sewn blocks are happily reclining on the really cool layout sheet which came with the pattern - Country Charmer. I'm in a "sort of quilt-along" - no deadline, no pressure,; just a group of fun quilters working on the same pattern, offering encouragement and help to each other. I'm hearing there will be quilters from around the world joining in.

Lynn Wilder of Sew'n Wild Oaks designed the Country Charmer pattern. Lynn, Lesley of The Cuddle Quilter and Sue of Quilt Times are rounding up the quilt-along party. Lesley set up a Flickr group - Country Charmer Quiltalong 2013 - go here. Sue made the cute blog button for the group. Follow the blog button on my sideboard.  You may find you just have come quilt with us. Lynn will be blogging suggestions every other Thursday. You can order the pattern from In Between Stitches.

This will be my first totally scrappy quilt. I'm excited ..... although I am finding scrappy is a lot of work; fun yet way out of my comfort zone. I am loving learning and trying new things.

Computers - technology is wonderful BUT can be a pain in the lower back side. My computer decided to stop allowing me to reply to or send emails Saturday. I had to disable addons and plugins then enable these one at a time until the offender was caught. Since "this" supports "that" and "that" is necessary for "something else" etc., etc. etc. I endured the long annoying process. Why can't these software programs play nice with each other?
Ms Cha Cha Cat says Chill Out!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Belated Thank You(s)

I have belated thank you(s) to make. I had a wonderful holiday season the end of 2012; however, juggling family, friends, work and all the celebrations left me little time for anything else.

First Thank You goes to Kelly of IHAN. Back in November I won a beautiful fabric roll of Anastasia by Leesa Chandler. Kelly was such a doll to gift not yet released Robert Kaufman fabric she got at market. I do not have a picture to show - sorry.

Second Thank You goes to Dara of Moi's Creations. Dara was my Santa Swap partner. She send TWO boxes! See Ms Cha Cha Cat busy inspecting. I LOVE everything Dara sent. Thank you Dara!
The pictures are of a good many of my gifts from Dara. Other items have been put into use and are scattered about the house. Oh, and look at what Dara sent Ms Cha Cha Cat ......
The bowl has cute little goldfish and Ms Cat was not scared of this bowl ..... probably because Dara sent her new favorite cat treat - Catnip! Ms Cha Cha Cat says thank you Dara!

My sister gave me a sewing machine chair for Christmas. I am beyond myself excited!
I added the "mice" to the chair seat for color. Ms Cha goes no where near the chair. Her is very scared (Yeah!) of the chair. It rolled the first, and only time, she jumped on it. Wonder if I  put rollers under the kitchen counters I could get the same result - Ha! Ha!

I am hoping planning to be a better blogger in 2013 - well, at least, for the next 11 months! January will soon be memory.

One funny cat story before I go. Church members stopped across the street to sing Christmas Carols. I love Christmas music and went outside to listen. The weather was warm. My windows were open. Standing outside I hear a very loud cat HOWL! behind me. Ms Cha Cha Cat was in the window, silhouetted by the interior lights with her head thrown back like a wolf howling at the moon. Before I could correct the situation cats all over the neighborhood had taken up the HOWL! It was awful! Apparently, they were not singing Ms Cat's song!