Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stray Stitches Giveaway

Fat Quarter Shop!  How would you like to win a $25 gift certificate to spend any way you would like at their wonderful online store? Then check out the giveaway opportunity on Stray Stitches blog.

Go on over and check it out. Some nice, friendly competition is welcome as long as you know I need to win. Just saying.

Ms Cha Cha Cat has a Thing about shoes. Wonder what she would do if I put them on her paws? Have a wonderful day.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Broken Needles

My Christmas gift sewing got off to a bad start - two broken needles. I put that project aside until I can get a really heavy duty needle for my machine. So I went on to this .....
It is part of a panel designed by Jacquelynne Steves of The Nobel Wife which I won in a giveaway Sandi of A Legacy of Stitches had a while back. Now this project did not break any needles and turned out quite cute. Since it is a gift I cannot tell you what it became part of.

I finished another project with red felted wool. And, made headway on a Christmas mug rug.
Ms Cha Cha Cat bonded with the fusible fleece. She had a touch start to her day. The darling kitty thought she had a new trick. Screaming in my ear yesterday at 7 a.m. earned her cat treats. A repeat performance at 4 a.m. today woke me. She was doing a Victory Dance when the bedroom door stranded her all alone in the hall. Cat treats were served at 8 a.m. - back on our normal schedule!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Laid-Back Day

We've had a laid-back kind of day. Ms Cha Cha Cat had to get her mouse under control. The rest of her time was spent sleeping - on the couch, under the bed, in the chair and behind the chair. I find it amazing how she gets up from one spot, stretches, yawns, walks a few feet and curls up in another spot.

Me? Well I did a bit of Internet window shopping, some prep work for Christmas projects, browsed favorite blogs, checked on my Christmas QAL friends (WOW! were they productive), read a book and took a nap. Overall we had a quiet, pleasant Saturday.


Simple Christmas Star

I've been following a fantastic blog hop for Barbara Cline's "Simply Triangles" book this past week. The front cover GOT me! I love, love, love the quilt on the cover. Winning a copy of the book would be great. If not, "Simply Triangles" is definitely on my need to purchase list.

Barbara has graciously shared a tutorial for a Simple Christmas Star on her blog. I have my fabrics selected and am simply (I do so like the word simply) and am waiting on the postman to bring ...
Creative Grids 60 Degree Ruler

 my online order from Jackie of I Have a Notion.

You can find Barbara at QuiltinGal. The blog hop line up was ...

Click on the stops below and see if you can still add a comment.
Sept. 5 Jan Krentz 
Sept. 6 Connecting Threads 
Sept. 7 Coleen Sr. Xanga 
I do intent to actually sew today!!!!  Later!

Project Day

I'm getting a late (for me) start. The rain - again! - in "sunny" Panama City, FL made for the perfect day to sleep in. That was until Ms Cha Cha Cat decided a loud, mad meow in my right ear would get cat treats in her bowl. It worked. My ear is still throbbing.

Today is Christmas QAL day. Hazel of Hazel's Quilts is hosting the party. which is fancy dress. I suppose I should put on my good pair of slippers. Ms Cat refused to wear the green ribbon I selected. She is currently hiding under the bed!

My thanks to Hazel for hosting and to Sue of Quilt Times for her Festive Christmas Quilt pattern. My plans for the day are Christmas gifts so I won't be sharing pictures. I can show you some of the "things" I may be using .....
I've got Insul-Bright, Pellon fusible fleece, feed sack dish towels, warm & natural in a craft size pack, a pillow form, some new Batiks and a brown sack the raisin bread from Panera Bread came in. Use your imagination! I see lots of projects.

After the cat treats and before Ms Cat had to hide under the bed, she had a quite busy morning ....
Sneaking Up on the Mouse!

Making New Friends
I'm off to link to the Christmas QAL, check out what everyone else is doing and, once I have procrastinated as long as I can, I will start my project day. Rainy Saturdays are meant to be lazy, do what one wants days!