Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

My nephew, Scott, is home for Christmas! Our family is so blessed. Scott's wife says ......

Today was an amazing day... we brought Scott Mobley home! I know this day was possible because of all the prayers, love and support from all of our family and friends. Thank you! 

We arrived home to Christmas lights beautifully lit in our yard and our Christmas tree up with all of our ornaments (my momma and daddy worked hard to make that possible, y'all,Familia Dressel are amazing)!!!! 

Tonight was the first night since October 5th that I was able to give Jack his night time milk, put him in his crib and now I can go to bed laying next to my husband! God is amazing to give me these gifts today.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Felled Tree

I came home from work to this. Something horrid happened to the Christmas tree - my lovely tree had been felled and lay on the floor. But never fear, Ms Cha Cha Cat put on her investigator badge and is diligently searching for the villain responsible for this dastardly deed. Naughty cat!

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Cat Proof Christmas Tree

This Christmas I had a plan - the Cat Proof Christmas Tree. An infallible unbeatable, top of the line plan, if I must say so myself. In fact my plan was ingenious, masterful, wonderful and definitely designed to keep Ms Cha Cha Cat out of the Christmas tree. Well ... I will let this video speak for the outcome of MY PLAN!
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Can you say Naughty Cat!!!!!
Cats are Devious, Tricky Little
Lovable Fur Balls!

This weekend was the wrap-up of the Christmas Challenge and QAL. My project sits unfinished. There has been too much going on for me to even come close to having a show-able UFO. I'm not linking but would like to send all of you to Quilt Sue of Quilt Times to see all the lovely projects. I would like to thank Hazel of Hazel's Quilts and Joanna of Needle, Thread, Happiness for being our fantastic hosts this year. You gals are the BEST!

My mail brought the cutest Christmas card and Schnibbles - RicRac pattern from Lesley of The Cuddle Quilter. Thank you, Lesley. I am going to enjoy this pattern. 

 And, surprise of surprises my Christmas tree still stands despite the best efforts of Ms Cha Cha Cat. Oh, and this was after I had been gone for several hours visiting a friend. Small miracle!

Check out my Christmas slippers. My special friend, Phyllis, gave me these bright, cheerful and super warm slippers. Does anyone see a cat sneaking into the picture? Ms Cha Cha better leave my slippers alone!

My nephew, Scott, remains at Brooks Rehabilitation in Jacksonville, FL. Progress from a traumatic brain injury is slow. We are grateful for each small step forward. Keep Scott and my family in your prayers.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Impossible Dream

Barbara of Cat Patches is holding today 12/15/13 the kick-off for .....

Her rules are simple - go check them out. All I have to do is start a new project each month. Absolutely no pressure because I do not have to finish anything to play along. Wow! Think of the endless opportunities to purchase fabric and patterns. This will be fantastic fun!

My Impossible (to Complete that is!)
Dream List for 2014
 Starting in the upper left hand corner and moving to the right here is my list ...

1) Spotlight on Neutrals by Pat Wys has two patterns I would like to finish start in 2014.
                   White Chocolate - a delightful log cabin
                    Scrappy Nines - the cover of her book
2) Pick Four by Sue Abrey also has two patterns I am ready to get started
                    3D Noughts & Crosses - the book cover
                     Drew's Windmills - the quilt I bought the book for! Still looking for "perfect" fabric.
3) Trees Up, Lights On by Pieces of My Heart. I love this pattern. I'm thinking blues, silvers and whites.
4) Debonaire by It's Sew Emma. I have been drooling over this pattern for a long, long time.
5) Morning Joe (the version with two sizes of stars) a Carrie Nelson Schnibbles is one of the many, many of Carrie's patterns I adore.
6) And that brings me to Lynn Wilder of Sew'n Wild Oaks. The next four patterns are Lynn's - Heartfire, Nostalgic Christmas, Country Charmer and Lynn's Patchwork Math book. I made a Country Charmer this year and fell in love with Lynn and her lovely patterns. My next Country Charmer will be a Christmas theme to go with some beautiful Nostalgic Christmas pillows.

Keep your fingers crossed Santa remembers me. I've been very, very good this year and need lots of fabric for 2014. 

I'm linking with Barbara. You can, too - go HERE or click the link on my sidebar.

Friday, December 6, 2013

A Great Pick Me Up!

I was feeling sort of under the weather yesterday. The day at the office had been hard, the weather was warm enough for the a/c, Ms Cat was in a bad mood because I was late getting home and well ... it was a whinny kind of evening for me.

And, then a booming knock at the front door. Ms Cat jumped almost to the ceiling and shot down the hall to safety under the bed. Ms Cat does not like company! Thinking "what now" I opened the door. Mr. UPS stood there with a box. I didn't recall ordering anything but a UPS box always lifts my spirits.

Look what I found inside ....
Baker's Delight by Greta Lynn for Benartex
Just look at the happy fabric! What a grand pick me up!

I won the October blog hop on the Benartex blog. Such fun! Thank you Benartex. Thank you Greta Lynn for the lovely design.

Ms Cha Cha Cat stalked back down the hall - her hair all ruffled - once the UPS man was gone and she knew she had no INTRUDERS in the house. She's a funny little cat!

Monday, December 2, 2013

God's Grace

By the Grace of God and the miracle of prayer my family enjoyed a beautiful Thanksgiving this year. My nephew, Scott's lovely wife, Kim, shared on the Walk for Scott Facebook page ......
I apologize that it has been so long since I have updated the page, we just haven been so busy with rehab.

The amazing support shown at the walk and with all the wonderful shirts is absolutely wonderfully overwhelming! I can't begin to say how all the great photos made me smile and feel so amazingly blessed with all the support shown for Scott's recovery. So thank you all so much and a special thank you to my 6a ladies (Katie, Brittany and Selah) for organizing such a wonderful event! You all are Scott's angels.

We have been at Brooks Rehab hospital in Jacksonville for almost three weeks and so far have seen so many improvements. Scott is getting stronger everyday.

The first week we got to Brooks we had a shaky start with a high fever, infection and a 12hr trip to the ER because his feeding tube dislodged. Since that we the weeks have been filled with good days and GREAT days.

Every weekday we start therapy at 0900 with therapy and except for a 1.5 hr break we go until 2:30pm. With the injury Scott sustained we are having to retrain Scott's brain how to do things that you and I take for granted. Also, the cognitive therapist explained to me that Scott's brain is learning how to "filter" all the other stimuli that we are able to just let go. Like the clock ticking or the light being on while Scott is "relearning" how to so things it is hard for him to filter everything. I am told that he as with everything else will learn how to do that again as well. So far we have done nothing but see him get stronger everyday. He holds his head up a little higher everyday and move a little more. Last week we started to see movement on his left side and now he can give me a thumbs up with his left hand when asked!

As for the last couple of days it has been so incredible to have our son Jack here. I have missed him more than words could ever describe. My wonderful parents drove him here Thursday and Scott was finally after almost 2 months, able to see his son. As most of y'all know his jaws are wired shut but the smile Scott had on his face when he laid his eyes on Jack was one of the best feelings I've had. Scott was so engaged with Jack. Hopefully as Scott progresses and gets stronger we will be able to have him here over night because I sure do miss those night time snuggles.

The projected discharge date is the Monday before Christmas Eve! It looks like we will be home for Christmas but, to prepare for Christmas the Mobley way we have decorated his room from head to toe. Including wrapping his doors in wrapping paper, to a little 2 foot tree (with garnet and gold ornaments and a star on top that Scott placed), a stocking, bows, Merry Christmas banner and a candy bowl to share Christmas candy!

Thank you to all for your continued prayers and support! I know that prayer is powerful so please continue to keep Scott in your prayers. Love to all! 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ms Cha Cha Goes Missing!

Ms Cha Cha goes missing! Well, not really. Her is taking advantage of the fact her human failed to properly put away the Country Charmer flimsy ...
Naughty Cat!