Monday, September 30, 2013

Drum Roll, Please!

I have rearranged these a zillion times since I took this pictures. Nevertheless there are TWELVE completed blocks for Scrappy Triangles. Drum roll, please!

And Ms Cha Cha Cat says .....

Stupid, stupid human! Yesterday I had to tell her when it was morning treat time. Repeated the telling to get my evening treats. Now I'm having to explain morning treat time again today!

Are humans incapable of learning and retaining important details? Mine definitely is ... especially on what she calls weekends. But ...Today is no longer her weekend.

A poor cat can dry up and shrivel away with treats. Stupid, stupid human!

I had a grand weekend sewing. Hope all of you did too. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Appearances Can Be Deceptive

I have sewed and sewed this week but one would not know it from this ...

The four quadrants for two blocks stitched. This will make nine blocks once finished! Yet, no completed blocks to show this week.

                     CAN BE

See - these are the rows for all the quadrants of the remaining three blocks ready for pressing.

The rows all pressed and ready for approval! Approval? What?

Quilting at this house is a joint effort. Everything done has to meet Ms Cha Cha Cat's approval. The rows passed! Yeah!

And WHAT!!! is this? All the rows of triangles are stitched for the twelve blocks and this remains?

Drat! I forgot the border of Scrappy Triangles was full of - guess what - more TRIANGLES (HSTs).

Moving on .... I am linking with Kim of Kim's Big Quilting Adventure for Scrap Basket Sunday. Go visit Kim to see what everyone else is working on.
Now what is the naughty Ms Cha Cha Cat doing? Showing me the tubs holding my Christmas Challenge and QAL which has not been toughed this week? Maybe! Perhaps she wants the world to see how badly my cutting table needs cleaning? Perhaps!

No, dear readers. Ms Cha Cha Cat is being annoying. She plans to continue being annoying until CAT TREATS get in her bowl! Naughty cat!


All the quadrant rows of the last three blocks stitched - ready to be pressed.

Five of the blocks aren't completed but the quadrants are all ready to be stitched together! And there are TWELVE!! blocks on the design tablecloth. Yeah!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


noun: scrutiny; plural noun: scrutinies
critical observation or examination
My mail arrived from In Between Stitches and has been ......

by Ms Cha Cha Cat. 

Patchwork Math Using Quilting Design Components by Lynn Wilder meets the Cat's approval.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Halfway - Scrap Basket Sunday

Halfway - well .... sort of halfway ...
6 of the blocks are stitched ... 6 more to go, with 2 of those laid out ready to stitch. And, then there are all of those HSTs in the border. This Scrappy Triangle quilt is a bit of a challenge. Chain stitching, for me at least, is not am option. Those pesky triangles just love to flip in all kinds of directions!
I'm linking with Kim of Kim's Big Quilting Adventure for Scrap Basket Sunday.

Do Not Even Think of Touching My Mouse!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Secondary Patterns & A Deceptive Old Coot!

I finished another block of my Scrappy Triangles blocks and pushed them close for working room on my design tablecloth. The secondary pattern surprised me. Of course, the pattern clearly shows the secondary pattern but ... well, I guess I forgot. lol

There will be sashing with cornerstones between the blocks, so this is not the end look. I love watching quilts come together.

Now let me tell you about the deceptive Old Coot! dba Dedt Monoz (Father Ice). He is not really Santa! Dedt Monoz comes from an ancient Siberian legend used to frighten children). Sue Garman, the pattern designer shared the legend  You will have to find it for yourself although I will give you this part ....

Sue writes "Although, the legend was not associated with Christmas, the story - and later, illustrations of it - reminded people of Christmas ..."

Father Ice had me hopping today!
With Christmas getting so close and all.
And, he is not really Santa!
Old Coot!

Do not tell the Old Coot but he will be not only a Christmas decoration at me house, he will be introduced to visitors as Santa!

The September gathering at Hazel's for the Christmas Challenge & QAL has been delightful. Hazel is such a wonderful hostess. She made gingerbread people to teach us about the Birds and the Bees!

Thanks for having us, Hazel. I agree with Oliver Cat (one of the cats Hazel belongs to!) - it is time to quit for the day!

Impatient Old Coot! - Christmas QAL 2013

Father Ice is proving to be quite an impatient Old Coot! I tried to nap with Ms Cha Cha but the Old Coot! kept calling my name. I tried to ignore the Old Coot! by reading a book. The Old Coot! just got louder. I gave up. With the exception of his staff (I cannot decide on the right fabric) the templates were pressed to the correct fabric and cut out ...
I have sternly told the Old Coot! that unless he wants his backside scorched he might want to wait for another day to get heavily spray starched and pressed. He is none too pleased although his grumbling is quieter than before. The Old Coot! will become Father Ice at a later date.

There are lots of creative people working on this Christmas Challenge & QAL. You can find these folk over at Hazel's. Hazel is our lovely hostess for September.

Shoo Fly - Christmas Challenge & QAL

Fabric Cut
Shoo Fly!
The Shoo Fly or Churn Dash base for Father Ice to reside on is done. The white fabric has metallic silver dots. The dots are not showing in the pictures, especially the completed block on my blue backed tablecloth design wall. Nonetheless the silver dots are there and look like snow flakes falling. Father Ice will have nice home - one day.

Don't forget to drop by Hazel's to see what all the other Christmas QALers are up to today.

And now I have done all I plan to today on Father Ice. I'm going back to stitching HSTs together for my Scrappy Triangles quilt. Or perhaps I will join Ms Cha Cha Cat in nap land or read a book or cook something sweet. Who knows? Enjoy your Sunday!

Father Ice

Father Ice (Dedt Moroz) has been started ... finally. This is my challenge piece (no red or green fabric) for the Christmas Challenge and QAL. My pictures below, with the exception of the first which I borrowed from Sue Garman's site) will either bore you to death or put you to sleep. Prep for applique is definitely not exciting; although necessary!
Pattern Dedt Moroz - Father Ice by Sue Garman (image borrowed from her site)
Fabric Selection Made and Charted - Remember No Red/No Green
Pattern Copies and Labeled for Fabrics
Pattern Reversed
Wax Paper Templates Made and Labeled
The templates now reside in a sealed zip lock away from curious teeth and paws. That would be Ms Cha Cha I am referring to. She is currently taking a nap but one never knows when she might decide to attack! One has to be always prepared.

Next up - the fabric for the Shoo Fly block this Santa sits on will be pressed and cut. I may actually get the block stitched today. We will see.

Hazel of Hazel's Quilts is our lovely hostess for this weekend QAL. Dash over to her blog to be involved in all the fun and see what others are working on.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Weekend!

This is my weekend! I have TWO days (almost) to do as I please and what I please is to SEW! Just a couple of quick errands and I can get started. I'm so excited.

I am linking with Hazel of Hazel's Quilts, who is the lovely hostess for this month's Christmas Challenge and QAL. I have lots of prep and then stitching on my QAL - you know the Christmas little quilt with no green or red Sue of Quilt Times thought up. Drop by Hazel's any time today or tomorrow and join in the fun.

I'm off to run those quick errands. But first, so I do not forget tomorrow, here is my Scrappy Triangle quilt progress for last week.

Three blocks stitched and two loosely laid out on my design wall to get to next week. I am linking with Kim of Kim's Big Quilting Adventure. Go take a look at what everyone else has ready for Scrap Basket Sunday.

I'll be back shortly. Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Friends Swap 2013

Judy has received her gifts so I can show you what I sent ...

From bottom left counterclockwise
F - Fabric or Fat Quarters
R - Rail fence needle case
I - Irish Chain Mug Rug
E - Extra Pincushion
N - Notebook cover
D - "Dots" a tote bag
S - Seasonal - a Christmas apron

My thanks to Judy, my FRIENDS Swap 2013 partner, and Khris, our hostess, for making this a fun swap!

Ms Cha Cha Continues to Enjoy the Catnip Toy Judy sent!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Anybody Seen Ms Cha Cha?

Housecleaning sends Ms Cha Cha Cat under the bed. She says she is scared. I'm thinking perhaps she is LAZY! Whatever the truth is, she spent most of yesterday under the bed and I have a clean house. Didn't get much stitching done - two sections of one Scrappy Triangle block ...

Hopefully, I can get something accomplished in the upcoming week. One cannot tolerate a clean house for too long! lol

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Scrap Basket Sunday 9/8/13

I am linking with Kim of Kim's Big Quilting Adventure for...

Drop by Kim's and join the fun.

My goal for today this upcoming week is to get these two stitched for my Scrappy Triangles quilt ...

but first I must tame this ...

and this ....

No my scrap basket is not overflowing. My scraps have overtaken my sewing area as well as my couch. Time for the scraps to be sorted and put away.

Ms Cha Cha Cat intends to do nothing more than this ....
in between naps of course. She loves her new catnip toy!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

My 2013 FRIENDS Partner

My package from Judy of Sewing Seeds of Friendship for the FRIENDS Swap 2013 arrived today. Ms Cha Cha and I were taking an afternoon when I heard a light knock. Ms Cat immediately relocated under the bed! Her does not care for visitors. The nice mail lady was long gone when I made it to the door  but she left quite a lovely box.
My Lovely Wrapped Gifts from Judy
Look what I found inside those wrapped packages -

F - Feline Tablerunner
R - Really Cute Kitty
I - Instructions for paper piece quilt
E - Extra rotary blades
N - Needle & pincushion
D - Darling kitty fabric
S - Something special for me and Cha Cha

Look Who is Out from Under the Bed!
 The cute green packet Ms Cat is investigating is a handmade catnip toy. Ms Cat loves her present.

Thank you Judy. I love my gifts.

Judy's gifts left Panama City this morning. I was a bit late getting to the post office. Her gifts should arrive early next week.
Judy's Wrapped Gifts
Ms Cha Cha Cat - THE THIEF!
No wonder I never have left over wrapping paper!

Thanks again, Judy. I would also like to thank, Khris of Sew Prim Khris for organizing the swap. This year was such fun!