Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yes! Clickable Link on Sidebar

Just when I was going to scream ... I managed a clickable link on my sidebar - put there by me!  Well ... thanks to "Blogger Tips and Tricks - How to put a active (clickable) picture in the sidebar"  This beginner has plans to pursue more of  the subject matter from the Blogger Tips and Tricks. 

This whole Blog Experience started with a broken piece of pottery.  After shedding tears, I did an Internet search for the artist, Sherry Pence, who I met in Columbus, MS sometime in 2004-5.  She's is also a Master Tatter, photographer and overall wonderful person.  I am the proud owner of  a pink and cream serving tray containing a most marvelous piece of tatting displaying Sherry's talent.  This is not the broken piece!  Check out Sherry's blogs "Tatting Tales~All things Tatting (It's an obsession)" and "MadMadPotter".   Sherry has a random giveaway -- SEE CLICKABLE!!! LINK!!! ON MY SIDEBAR!!!  - Monday MONDO Giveaway.  And, there is a giveaway happening now!  Head on over there.  Simply click the clickable picture link on my sidebar.

Sherry's tatting bog led me into the world of quilting blogs.  See the list of blogs I am following.  Sewing is more my talent.  It has been a long time; however, I have had the trusty Kenmore serviced and am venturing back into a few sewing projects.  I intend to learn to quilt.

Enough for now.  Gotta get a new battery for my camera.  When I do I will post a picture of my pink and cream serving tray.  Happy blogging to all!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

First Post - What an Adventure!

Weeks have I spent complicating the simple.  And, thus is my nature.  I've viewed so many beautifully designed blog pages!  So, being "crafty," I started at the advanced stage for mine - got frustrated!! - started over to learn basic setup terminology - came up with this.  So, much to learn ...

I do believe this WILL be Fun!  Patience, patience, patience.