Sunday, July 29, 2012

Outgoing Mail

My FRIENDS Swap 2012 is colorfully wrapped and now residing in a brown manila envelope, which will - hopefully - slip right into an international envelope as soon as the post office open tomorrow. These gifts are on the way to Christin of chchris quilts in Switzerland. This is my third year to participate in the FRIENDS Swap sponsored by Khris of Sew Prim Khris. This is such a fun swap. I hope Christin enjoys what I am sending. Much thanks to Khris for organizing all the fun!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rain & Curtains OR Curtain Rods & Cat Paws

Panama City, FL is rainy and gloomy today. We have had quite a bit of this unusual weather recently.

What is one to do? Lucky for me my sewing machine is perfect for such days. I worked on swap gifts. Those are surprises so no pictures. I just thought I would let Christin and Dara know I was thinking about them!

I'm making progress on the living room curtains. The curtains are not hemmed and need "fiddling" across the top. I'm loving the look and the fabric - Bread & Butter by Kaye England.
The picture is a bit dark .... no sun! 

Ms Cha Cha Cat is unimpressed with curtain sewing. The large pieces of fabric are not fun to chase. I rarely left the machine - no jumping up to press or cut fabric - making "cat theft!" difficult. To add insult to injury Ms Cha Cha Cat was unceremoniously removed from the sewing table three times.

Did you know curtain rods are sneaky, dangerous, cat chasing contraptions! Amazing - round objects roll and metal on wood is loud - add a cat paw and things happen! Fast! Frightened cat hit the floor seconds before the rod. Ms Cha Cha Cat spent an hour under the bed after the encounter, which is, trust me, how I got the curtains this far along.

Move forward about 5 hours and ......
here is Ms Cha Cha Cat giving her version of the curtain rod story. She is really, really, really pissed! I wish you could hear her. According to her, my laughter is insulting! Poor kitty! I told her she has the same paws to get happy in.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Mouse Recovered!

For any who might have been concerned ... The mouse made a full recovery from his his near drowning experience. He still squeaks. He is all dry and fluffy. He has a lovely scent from the soap. The mouse is ready to get moving.
Enter happy cat and the mouse is off and going ....
Into the jaws and paws (I wonder if this is what the mouse had in mind?) of  Ms Cha Cha Cat. Yes, the same cat who tried to drown the poor mouse in the toilet. Ms Cha Cha Cat is very, very happy. I'm unsure about the mouse. He was last seen flying toward the bedroom with the cat in full pursuit.
The Christmas Quilt Along was a success yesterday. I saw Sue of Quilt Times won the drawing for the fantastic fabric our hostess, Lynn of Sew'n Wild Oaks generously offered. Click here to see Zinnie the amazing, talented, awesome random generator dog in action. I see some Christmas stitching in Sue's near future!

I want to extend a big thanks to Lynn for hosting and to Sue for designing the mystery quilt. The day was wonderful! Thanks!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

QAL #6 - Finished Flimsy

Ta Da!
Wish I had a better place to get a picture - One Day!
Now off to clean the toilet that had the stuffed mouse floating in it earlier. The mouse is drying! I'm unsure the squeaky noise it used to make will be there when dried. The poor thing has been emitting a pitiful sound during the drying process. We shall see.
My next project - living room curtains. I was wanting to get more blue into the room and found Bread & Butter by Kaye England which has the blue background and the antique looking flowers from my couch plus enough of the Burgundy to blend in nicely with my favorite chair. Whittle's Fabrics is well worth you taking a tour. I paid $5.00 a yard for the fabric and $5.00 shipping. You cannot beat that!

I have had a wonderful day. Hope you did also. Much thanks to Lynn of Sew'n Wild Oaks for hosting and Sue of Quilt Times for providing the mystery quilt design.


QAL #5

You are probably getting tired of this ..... I'm not! I am enjoying these borders. Some of the diamonds aren't exactly "right." When I stand back I can hardly tell and quite frankly I'm liking this quilt top.
One more to go! First I have to stop for lunch and do a bit of cleaning. Or maybe not. The last border is calling my name. I want to see the completed quilt top.

My mail came. I ordered fabric for curtains from Whittle's Fabrics Wednesday. The package was in the mail. I will show you next time I get the camera out.


QAL Post #4

Two borders down - two to go! Too bad I have to go run a few errands.

Be sure to drop by Lynn's blog - Sew'n Wild Oaks. She has the cutest free pattern just for us, just for today! Thanks, Lynn for hosting. The party is such fun!

I'm seeing some fantastic quilt tops --- all so wonderfully different ---- all from the same pattern. Who would have thought? Quilt Sue of Quilt Times did super great with this quilt along pattern.


QAL Post #3

Border #1 attached. I do love the movement in this quilt.

If you haven't already link up with Lynn of Sew'n Wild Oaks and join us in the Christmas Mystery Quilt Along.


QAL Post 2

I've got the borders stitched together. Some of the diamonds look pretty good. Some are iffy but I like the overall appearance.

Come join the sew along - Christmas Mystery Quilt Along. Link up with Lynn of Sew'n Wild Oaks our hostess for the day.
Ms Cha Cha Cat is taking a nap. It is hard to sew without a helper!

On a different note - all Kindle owners should check out Once you are signed up you will get a daily email of "free" or really inexpensive Kindle books waiting for download. I have gotten some great reads from the link.


Back from Hibernation

I was amazed to see it has been over a month since I visited my own blog. Summer is in full swing in Florida - relatives and friends visiting, gallons of sand to vacuum (sand loves to come indoors!), crazy work days, lots of outdoor grilling and well, unfortunately not much sewing going on.
Check out my lovely win from Quilt Sue of Quilt Times - Little Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings for Moda. I won the drawing last month in the Christmas Mystery Quilt Along. I'm very lax in saying thank you to Sue. The mail came. I stacked it on my computer desk-unopened and ran out for a family gathering. I found the package and some other mail items crammed between my desk and the wall yesterday while doing some serious cleaning. Can anyone say Ms Cha Cha Cat? My assumption is she was searching for her mail or trying to be helpful. Thank you Sue. I love the charm.

Speaking of the Christmas Mystery Quilt Along - today is the day .......
Our lovely hostess is Lynn of Sew'n Wild Oaks Quilting. Lynn has an exciting day planned for us. I hear she has an adorable free pattern available just for us - today. So go visit Lynn and link up. You will be glad you did.

My morning has been exciting already. Ms Cha Cha Cat has a favorite stuffed mouse. She tosses, attacks and frequently loses said mouse. Should it fall behind or under something she, being lazy, meows for me to retrieve the item. Should this happen when I am not at home the mouse stays lost until I discover it cleaning. Today I was home. Meowing cat is peering into the toilet! The poor mouse is now drying. I did wash it first!