Monday, February 7, 2011

All Flat!

I kept looking at my 19 pinwheels from yesterday. They seemed somehow three dimensional on my table - not exactly the look one goes for in a quilt. My dressmaking skills kicked in. So right or wrong - I'm not sure - I ironed (did I ever tell you how much I dislike ironing?) all 19. I opened the middle seam. The center bulk was decreased and now my blocks are much flatter on the table.
Flat is Good!
Perhaps I am strange but I like the back of quilt block. They look so neat all ironed (Ironing is becoming a theme!) and flat.

I'm off to work. This week is going to be much better because my attitude is improved. And, my friends that is all I can change or rather "fix" - my attitude. Have a wonderful week. Happy quilting to all!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Sewing

Pinwheels Spinning in the Wind!

Weekend are wonderful! I left work Friday exhausted and stressed. I went immediately to bed - planned to hide out there all weekend. I have an insane desire to "fix things." I brood - replaying and replaying issues in my head looking for something - anything - I can do to "fix" whatever is not right. Normally makes for a gloomy day.

Saturday rolled around - big deal. Oh, no I am supposed go sew with my new found friends today. My head says I'll skip, no I'll suck it up and go, etc. etc. I was such lousy company the cat spit at me. So I got dressed, packed up my sewing things - this is where it got funny ... Ms Cha Cha, the naughty cat who spit at me, apparently thought I was leaving town (not her favorite thing for me to do). She freaked becoming an adorable nuisance - talking to me, rubbing my legs, patting me and she even went so far as to attempt to unpack my sewing bag. She was hiding under the bed when I left.

The day was wonderful! Last month was my first invite. I went without a project to sort of get a feel for the group. This Saturday I took more "stuff" than I needed but I went and had an absolutely wonderful time. We sewed, admired each others projects and laughed and laughed and laughed. My gloomy day was washed away!

Cha Cha was super surprised when I got home! She has been a perfect angel cat all day today. My baby kitty cat loves me! She has been with me for almost a year. I got her last Valentine's Day. Of course, it was sometime around May of last year before I saw much of her. She hid under the bed for roughly three months. We are good enough pals she feels free to spit at me these days.

So today, I kept up the positive, good mood. I ironed, measured, cut, pieced, ironed and not one single time did I think about "fixing" anything except lunch! The result was 19 very colorful pinwheels for a baby quilt. Granted I somehow miscalculated - only need 16 of the pinwheels - so, what? Next week I will make some more and have two baby quilts - one for my soon to arrive grand nephew and one going to Queensland, Australia.

What a beautiful weekend this has been! Hope yours was wonderful, also. Happy Quilting to all!
So Sew Cheerful!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Does Anyone Recognize This Cat?

Does anyone recognize this cat?  I do believe that is an ironing board the sweet kitty is doing a balancing act on (off?).  Thankfully, this is not my kitchen, ironing board or Ms Cha Cha (not today anyhow!). My Google homepage shows the most adorable cat pictures titled Funny Cat Photos. When I saw this one, I could not resist copying the image for all the quilter/cat lovers out there in blog land to see. Hope you get  a good laugh from this one.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

So Sew Crafty Has a Blog Button!

Thanks to Barb, Bejeweled Quilts By Barb, I now have a blog button.  Check it out on my side bar.  Check out Barb's, also on my sidebar, while you are checking.  I have no idea why I wanted a blog button except so many of you have one and the buttons are so cute!  Here is the link Barb sent me to which told me how to finally get a Blog Button!!!!

This was so simple.  I spent a lot of time and energy attempting to do something that really was so simple! Thanks Barb for the research (and, now shouldn't you be helping your nice hubby unpack the household items?)