Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mystery Solved!

Oh, Yeah! We are going to sew. I see the top off our machine. I'm ready to HELP!
23 blocks (1 of the 24 was done yesterday) waiting for some chain sewing.
Some layout FUN! Will it be option #1? Ms Cha Cha says definite NO! I agree.
Could it be option #2? I do like this. It needs an additional 4 patch in each block. Maybe later.
Option #3? Getting Warm.
What will the Festive Mystery Quilt Become?
The Winner! I wanted the green plain to stand out and I love the movement in this layout.
I'll close with a picture of the center. I Love the Green Plaid!
The Festive Mystery quilt now awaits borders.
I am now ready to see what everyone else created!
 Ms Cha Cha cat after a hard weekend of sewing.
Ms Cha Cha after the camera flash disturbed her beauty rest.
Disclaimer:  No cat was harmed in the taking of these pictures - I swear!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

All Done Until Tomorrow

The Cinnamon Caramel Crunch ice cream revived me for a short time. The tuna sent Ms Cha Cha into a serious grooming routine. I have a big fur ball of clean, fluffy, sleeping cat. I, also, almost all of the first two rows complete on my blocks.
Everything is stored away out of the reach of black paws - no, the sleeping fur ball does not deceive me! She is capable of going from zero to 100 in the blink of an eye.

Such a fun day I have had. Paulette of Sweet P Quilting and Creations has been a delightful hostess. Be sure to get your hands on her Nanaimo Bar Recipe and the wonderful tutorial for creating Christmas tree napkins. Thank you, Paulette, for keeping us happy and productive today.

Thanks, also, to Sue of Quilt Times. Sue designed the Festive Mystery quilt we have been working on today.

Time to read a good book. I'll be sleeping shortly. Fun days can be so exhausting!


A Pressing Evening

I have a pressing evening awaiting. All the 9 patch rows are stitched together in strips. All sits on the ironing board ready for a lot of press-press-press!! action. I want the rows joined so I can play with block layout. But, I am out of steam! It is a bit past 2:30 p.m. in Panama City, FL and me and Ms Cha Cha have been stitching since about 11:30 a.m.

Ms Cha Cha has been of great assistance. She took the spool of thread off the machine in mid seam. Next she grabbed a mouth full of pins The scissors missed my big toe by a smidgen after a black paw swatted. And, she was beyond valuable in unloading my plastic storage tubes - she missed the table once or twice and I had to retrieve pieces from the floor. She is now sleeping. She got completely exhausted helping me!

I do believe I will run to the store in the rain and get me some ice cream. Ms Cha Cha put in her order for tuna when she saw (how is it sleeping cats never miss anything?) me looking at my shoes.


Canada Smells Like Heaven Today

Can you smell the wonderful, sweet, heavenly aroma coming from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada? Paulette of Sweet P Quilting and Creations, our lovely host for the Christmas QAL has been baking for hours and hours. The aroma is outstanding.

Sue of Quilt Times has posted the June installment of the Christmas QAL. Just so you know - I guessed correctly that my guess of the layout for the mystery quilt was incorrect! I had either too many or too few pieces whatever I thought of. The good news, for me, is thanks to the Random Generator thing I won a prize!

Here is my first block -
My background fabric has a lot more gold in it than I can get a picture of. Sunny Florida is rainy and grey today - perfect, of course, for spending my day inside working on the QAL. I have a few errands to run. I will be fast so I can get back to my more important agenda for the day.

Quilt Sue is still being a wee bit naughty. She says make 24 of these blocks and then complete the blocks by laying out the blocks as desired. I wondering what every one will come up with! I am wondering what I may come up with????


Thursday, June 7, 2012

FRIENDS Swap 2012

Khris of Sew Prim Khris is hosting the FRIENDS Swap again this year. YEAH!! Thanks, Khris! I've had the most fun the last couple of years with this swap - my partners were amazing! Hurry on over to Khris' blog  and sign up.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quilt Sue, How About a Clue?

Quilt Sue of Quilt Times wants to know what we think we are making. The Festive Mystery quilt end result remains beyond my vision. Yet,, in the sense of fun, I laid out a couple of possible blocks ...
I love the Jacob's Ladder. But  happens to all those background squares in my plastic boxes? And, I'm thinking I will be short a few 4 patch blocks for the 42 x 60 finished quilt. Hmm.........
The Churn Dash uses more of those background squares. But????? Some how I have either too many or too few pieces! What????? Then there are those lovely hour glass sets sitting in my boxes. Sashing? Border? Hmm......I guess I will have to wait. I know Sue's design will be divine!

More will be revealed Saturday June 9, 2012 when the quilt along continues with Paulette of Sweet P Quilting and Creations as our hostess. I am hoping to see you there for the fun.