Saturday, March 10, 2012

Festive Mystery QAL - Update #2

Forty eight four patches all ready for their plastic bag until Quilt Sue decides to let them out. I love the green plaid fabric.

Joanna asked about music. Have you heard Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith ..... take a moment, enjoy a good laugh and reflect on this - Red Solo Cup is the current most requested song for Wedding Receptions in Panama City (or so the DJ I work with says ......... Interesting?

Me ..... give me Dylan, Joplin, Hendrix, The Eagles with a bit Simon & Garfunkle and The Eagles and, of course, my childhood love Blue Suede Shoes sung by Elvis himself.

Now it is decision time - do I relax with a good book or clean the house or perhaps cook up some lunch.



QuiltSue said...

Makes you wonder whatever happened to romance then doesn't it?

Joanna said...

I say relax with a good book after lunch. Wedding receptions in Panama City must be quite the affairs:)

Hazel said...

Honestly, that is such a hoot, Donna!

Joanna's got us all thinking about favourite songs - what a great idea!

Love your blocks - I'd be voting for the book rather than the cleaning, but then that won't surprise you, I'm sure!

Reenie said...

Oh, your 4 patches are great! I can't wait to see what Sue has in store for us!