Monday, November 29, 2010


I have so much to be thankful for. I spend a wonderful 3 days in Mississippi with family. We did our traditional feast - steaks on the grill, twice baked potatoes and my mom's melt in your mouth pecan pie. The trip was fantastic; even if I did have a major tire blow out on the way back. That is just part of living ... the road ready maintenance was taken care of prior to leaving Florida but that tire decided to go Pop! on I-10 in the holiday traffic. All is well!

Here is the surprise awaiting me as I arrived on that cute little donut tire yesterday evening ............

My very own Rose of Sharon Block Book personally signed by the author Sharon Pederson. I was (AM!) so excited. Many thanks to Kelly Jackson of I Have a Notion for the giveaway.

I just got back from eating crab cakes at the Granite Cafe in Panama City, FL. I took my friend who cat sat while I was gone for a treat. Should you be in the Panama City area drop by the Granite Cafe. The food is great!

And, now since I am all well fed and in my PJs, I do believe I will curl up with my new quilting book. I cannot think of anything better to do.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pink Fig Holiday Giveaway! and More!

Chelsea at Pink Fig Design is having a fantastic giveaway which will run until December 1, 2010. In celebration of her First Fabric Line! she is giving away TWO quilts! One to a random lucky person and one to a random lucky shop owner to display in their store. Go check it out. And good luck to all!

The Henry Glass Designers Holiday Project Parade starts December 1-7, 2010!  There will be free patterns, inspiration, stories, individual blog giveaways, and one Grand Prize Giveaway! I have setup a page giving you the links to the gracious hosts.  I think the schedule and "rules" will follow. Sounds like a great blog hop!

This morning brought a wonderful surprise for me.  I won the "Rose of Sharon Block Book" autographed by Sharon Pederson that Kelly from I Have A Notion graciously gave away. This is the book I have been drooling over at Quilting by the Bay. I've picked it up, admired, carried almost to the checkout stand and put it back regretfully time after time - my quilting skills are still Very Raw!  Each time I have said one day.  I am SO EXCITED!

My recent Friends Swap buddy Leanne of Stitch Selection sent me an email stating she is working on a table runner from the Adoring Moda range I sent.  The Friends Swap was lots of fun. I am looking forward to doing it again.  One more BIG THANKS! to Khris of Sew Prim Khris who organized the fun.

And, now having said all of that I do believe I may go sew. Life has been happening at a rather fast rate for me. My sewing time has unfortunately been almost nonexistent for way too long.  I have blocks to catch up on for the Layer Cake Quilt Along I signed up for - sponsored by Moose on the Porch. Happy quilting to all!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Arrival From Australia

Apologies upfront, this post has lots of pictures.  I recently participated in a FRIENDS Swap sponsored by Khris (from Australia) of Sew Prim Khris.  My swap partner was Leanne (also, from Australia) of Stitch Selection. The postman greeted me today with this .....
Note the customs stamp ... from Australia. My very first package from Australia!
Inside was this...
Adorable, pink packages - so sweetly labeled.
Well, very pretty ... until I tore in!
To find ...
Seven - Count them - Seven Wonderful Gifts - All for ME!
Lots of gorgeous ric rac, a beautiful case for my scissors, a lovely needle case, two hexie coasters (not!, these will definitely decorate my bedroom wall), Cadbury chocolate (Yummy!), two of the cutest, fun mice you have ever seen (see them perched on the needle case!) and the an absolutely lovely shopping bag (see the kitten faces on the front pocket!).   I'm on a picture roll even if the lighting is awful ... rainy and dark in "sunny" Florida.
Enough, you say? Just be happy there are only 7 letters in FRIENDS.
See the pretty card which came with the gifts.
Digital cameras are so FAB .. no film to purchase or days to wait on prints from the store.


(Actually, she was attempting to snitch the mice, which are now safely tucked away from her thieving paws!)

Thanks ever so much, Leanne. I am so very excited over my gifts. This has been great FUN!

And, thanks Khris for sponsoring the FRIENDS Swap. 

Friends Swap, Layer Cake Quilt Along, Blog Button!

I just got email confirmation the package (for the Friends Swap) I sent to Australia FINALLY arrived! Forget the USPO's 7-10 days. Oh, and the customs confirmation number I was told  USPO could track means the USPO can tell you the number was "accepted" - giving the date and time you stood at their counter sending the package. Helpful information - NOT! That is my complaint for the day!!!!  But the good new is the package arrived.

My Layer Cake Quilt Along first block is printed and ready to be cut out. The Alabama Spinner Block designed by Gene Black is stunning. I can hardly wait to get started. This is the first block - you have time to check out the quilt along and get involved. There is link on my sidebar. Hope you come join the fun.

This picture is going to be my "blog button" - that is once I figure out how to make a functioning blog button.  Maybe this weekend.

Happy Quilting!