Sunday, February 26, 2012

Birthday Surprises

My beautiful new toy - a Brother CS-6000i. Didn't my sister do good! I love this light weight, very portable machine. All I need is a 1/4" presser foot and I will be ready for my quilting group's next meeting. I am so excited! My beloved Kenmore can now stay home - safe and sound in it's place of honor.
This is by far the best birthday card I have ever received. My almost 9 year old niece captured Cha Cha is a very unique way. I intent to frame this. I have a wall of fun cats in my bedroom and have found the perfect spot for this one.
The butterfly is compliments of my almost 5 year old niece. Her color selection is lovely. I will add a magnet and hang this on the refrigerator door.
Here is the case to my new toy. Cha Cha spent considerable time last night trying to fit in the opening toward the top. I'm unsure if she was simply curious or thought this was some new fangled litterbox!

My Brother is the third of her kind in our family. My older niece received one for Christmas. My sister, a devoted Bernini lover, liked the easy of this machine so well she got one for herself after Christmas. Lucky for me she remembered I wanted a smaller machine to carry about.

And, I bought myself an Omnigrid all in one, folding cutting mat/ironing station for applique and quilt group. Overall yesterday was a bang up birthday!

I'm off to play with my new toy. Have a wonderful day!



Miss 376 said...

What lovely pressies, have fun playing with them

Joanna said...

Love all of your new stuff and your artwork. Happy Birthday!

Barb said...

What a fun birthday for you!!! Happy Birthday!