Sunday, March 18, 2012

National Quilting Day

Part of National Quilting Day I spent with my once a month quilting gang. We were a small group of which one had a disabled sewing machine waiting on a visit to the local repair shop and another was knitting as all her sewing supplies were stored to make room for out of town guests. This time of year is hard for all of us to get together. Spring cleaning, home repair projects, visiting friends and quick trips to see family/friends make juggling a free Saturday to quilt difficult. We couldn't pick a Saturday in April when all of the small group present could attend, so we picked the best for most.

The project I took was Carrie Nelson's Decoy. I was not in the mood to mark the pieces for the stars and elected instead to do rather mindless piecing - I stitched the scrappy border/sashing sections.
My new Brother CS6000i got safely secured in its very own seat belt and transported wonderfully. The machine sews beautifully and is oh, so lightweight!!! My favorite feature so far is the sewing speed control. Set the speed to slow and that is how it sews even if I accidentally stomp the foot control while laughing and gossiping with the girls.

Yesterday evening I enjoyed a traditional Irish meal - corned beef, new potatoes and cabbage - with friends. Such a great way to wind down the day.

Today is housework. I have a closest to swap out to spring/summer and lots of vacuuming to get done.


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Hazel said...

Love the beiges in particular on your border piecings - and am monumentally jealous of your sewing speed control on your new machine!

Your Irish meal sounds wonderful - I cooked lamb shanks in Guiness this weekend with a nod towards St Patrick.