Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wall Staring

Stare - to gaze fixedly and intently, especially with the eyes wide open.

A friend dropped by yesterday for coffee and chit-chat. When she excused herself to visit the ladies, I got up to Stare at the Wall - the wall on which my Country Charmer blocks HANG - oh, yes! My friend laughed coming back into the room. "What are you two doing?" she giggled. Two? What are you talking about?

I looked to question my friend and saw her source of amusement immediately. Ms Cha Cha Cat was sitting on the table beside me -  intently Staring at the Wall! with her head cocked to one side. 

Ms Cat is So Amusing!

I actually sat down at the sewing machine this morning. Yeah! Two of my blocks have some sashing and a permanent placement in this quilt!



Jane Galley said...

The blocks look great with the sashing, and with them all on the wall, you won't lose track of what order they should be in

QuiltSue said...

What a shame you didn't get a photo of Ms Cat making her design decisions!