Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Design Wall Day TWO!

The cheap, loudly colored tablecloth really works! I ignored Ms Cha Cha Cat's sniffing and patting and wonder of wonders she lost interest. My blocks remained on the wall overnight. I've been playing ...
I have played some more since I took this picture. It is so much fun rearranging the blocks on the wall! - something Ms Cat does not allow when I use the floor or bed. Naughty Cat has been "tricked!"

My next mission is to find one that is not so blue on the flannel side. I probably won't find it until the fall colors come out. This will do for now - great improvement over floor or bed layout.

Quilt Sue of Quilt Times emailed me to say she is thinking of having Mr. Fixit mount one on a dowel to be affixed with suction hooks. I love the idea. Once I find my neutral colored tablecloth I plan to do the same. Sue says the Internet is great for sharing ideas. I definitely agree!


Lynn said...

The color combinations sparkle between lights and darks. Well done!

Nancie Anne Quilts said...

Lookin' Gooder & Gooder!
My design wall panels are constructed of 4x8 foam insulation sheets from the lumber section of the big box hardware store with the orange logo...available in various thicknesses...I selected 1 inch, about as thin as I could get without being to flimsy or too stiff. They are covered with white felt yardage from the J Store with the assistance of a 50% off coupon. Double stick carpet tape helps to secure it on the backside, as I wrapped it much the same way as people recover the seats of their dining chairs. Takes a little wiggling here and there to get it smoothed just right, but it works. You can cut the panels down to the desired size with a serrated knife...electric carving knife if you've got one.

Hazel said...

Hi Donna - love your blocks, happy playing with your layout!

I have an old curtain & rail which I sling a couple of loops on the ends of, then hang it on picture hooks. It's ok but not ideal as it's not flat enough even when I pull it taut.

Nancy Anne has a good plan there, and it would do a better job than my curtain! But on the other hand I can take mine down and fold it away when it's not needed.

Joanna said...

Your quilt looks great. It does help to see it upright. Nice that your found a solution that works for you.

QuiltSue said...

I'd love to do something along the same lines as Nancie, but I need something that I can easily take down and your tablecloth seems as though it might be the answer.

Your blocks all look lovely laid out like that.

Sandy said...

Call me crazy, but I actually like your blocks against that light blue. Maybe cuz the blocks themselves are so great, but see.. there are little bits of blue in them!

Also happy to see another cat person is that Cha Cha in the pix? Very pretty - but don't tell her that ha ha!