Tuesday, June 11, 2013

God's Yard Art

Ms Cha Cha Cat had a "hissy fit!!**!!**!!" this morning. She was at her favorite window view - on top of the bookcase in the bedroom. I was sleeping - was being the operative term. Seems a visitor dropped by. Ms Cat does not like visitors! She loudly made her dislike known ...

As slowly as Mr. Turtle was moving, Ms Cat will have something to hiss at all day while I am gone to work! She didn't seem to be impressing, scaring or worrying Mr. Turtle. In fact Mr. Turtle gave no indication he even saw my puffed-up, unfriendly, bad mannered Ms Cat.

Look at his shell - I can see the making of a beautiful, rich colored autumn quilt - God's Yard Art!



Joanna said...

He is a beautiful creature. You have a good watchcat!

QuiltSue said...

Oh dear, poor Ms Cat, to spend all that time hissing with no effect!