Sunday, June 9, 2013

Full Circle or The Big Duh!

Saturday I reluctantly gave up (very, very hard for me once my brain decides I WANT!) finding the Classic Santa by Sue Garman as individual Santa(s). The Quakertown Quilts website said patternS - plural!. I kept seeing the 12 pattern set. I intended to place a call Monday and BEG,!,

Sunday a wild thought came - I needed  the names of the Santa(s). Comparing the neutral Santa(s) with Santa(s) around the world got difficult. I switched to the original Classic Santa pattern done in red and green and guess what popped up? You got it  - the individual patterns! (and the Santa(s) were already named for me!)

I had gone Full Circle which is better described as ---


Quickly I ordered The Danish Julenisse, Dedt Moroz (Father Ice) and The Swiss Samichlaus. 
Did I seriously think Sue reprinted the pattern so she could use different fabric?

My weekend was not totally unproductive. I pulled fabric for Dulcinea the Another Year of Schnibbles quilt for June, I'm going patriotic - red, white cream and blue ...

Here is someone I haven't seen most of the day ....
Ms Cha Cha Loves her Catnip! That would be the specks in this picture - catnip!
I was taking my shower this morning when a loud crash came from the kitchen followed by pounding cat paws running down the hall to the safety under the bed. I apparently was remiss and left an empty tea glass so close to the edge of the kitchen cabinet that it fell off  - ATTACKING this darling kitty. Surely it was me because Ms Cha Cha Cat would never walk on the kitchen cabinet! Naughty cat! She deserved her little scare. She is all recovered and in Catnip Heaven at the moment.


Joanna said...

Classic Santa has some interesting names. I'm glad you were able to find the ones you were interested in making. And also that ChaCha is her old self.

JoAnne said...

I have been pulling fabric myself for Dulcinea. And it will be red, white, and blue as well. Looking forward to seeing how yours comes out!

Nancie Anne Quilts said...

Poor Cha Cha...learning the hard way! I think you and I have been sharing a few of the same brain cells this weekend, because there certainly are similarities in our posts!
I too have considered Dulcinea in Red, White-ish, and cream too...just not sure I have the time or energy for another project at the moment!

Hazel said...

Ms Cha Cha looks not the worse for her scare! I have catnip growing in the pots in the courtyard garden - my two both LOVE it and go quite mad in it!

QuiltSue said...

What a result. I'll look forward to seeing these.

Hope Ms Cha Cha Cat is not too cross with you for making that cup attack her?