Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Design Walls and Mail

Since I got into quilting I have been envious of the lovely design walls I see on favorite blogs. The pretty blocks hang upright, where one can stand back and  look. I  decided I had to have! - arranging blocks on the floor or bed gets "interesting" as Ms Cha Cha Cat always elects to cause havoc help. She can definitely "arrange!" quilt blocks!

I got my design wall. Okay, it is a $4.00 flannel backed plastic tablecloth from Dollar General and it is hanging unevenly on my wall secured by blue painter's tape ..... but it is my design wall and I love it!
See a few of my Country Charmer blocks hanging! The blocks are random. I have not decided placement in the quilt just yet. I'm planning some serious play time shortly.

Did I forget to mention the most toned down tablecloth I found was bright blue with blue polka dots? If this works, - Ms Cha Cha Cat is right now, at this very moment sniffing and patting the wall (bad cat!)- I will find a neutral colored tablecloth and a better method of hanging it on the wall.

I got the most wonderful mail yesterday ....
Lesley of The Cuddle Quilter held a giveaway for those of us participating in the Country Charmer quilt-along and I won my choice of any of  Lynn Wilder's patterns, which Lynn donated for the giveaway. Nostalgic Pillows & Quilt Pattern was my immediate selection. I have been drooling over this pattern for quite some time!  Lynn of Sew'n Wild Oaks is the designer of both this pattern and the Country Charmer. Lynn does GREAT! She has many more fabulous patterns. Go look.

Thank you Lesley and Lynn!

Back to my Country Charmer - I've changed directions with the fabric selection for the borders -
I could kick myself for this next fabric purchase - I only got 2 yards on sale. I was  thinking how much I loved the fabric. The Country Charmer never crossed my mind until I got home ...
to find this is perfect for the backing. I have several fabrics I am auditioning to come up with a pieced back.


Nancie Anne Quilts said...

So cool! I see secondary designs popping up on your design wall!
Congrats on the pattern! I see Lynn has redone the cover photo since I bought my copy of Nostalgic Christmas.

Lynn said...

Your design will and my design wall are exactly the same Donna! We have good taste in flannel backed tableclothes. So glad you received the pattern for the pillows. I love your Country Charmer blocks!

Jane Galley said...

I end up using the floor, or my bed, a design wall would be lovely

QuiltSue said...

I love your design wall. I wonder if we can get that type of cloth here in the UK? Seems like a little investigation is needed.

Your blocks look great and the paisley backing is just great.