Thursday, February 21, 2013

Minor Surgery

One has to wonder why someone will spend hours fussy cutting and laying out fabric pieces to get an "effect" will use the rotary cutter long after the blade belongs in the garbage. Yesterday morning the insanity of my "methods"  I destroyed a perfect center for a block.

Minor surgery was required. All rotary cutters now have fresh, new blades. The sewing machines have new needles and a bit of oil. The process took away some sewing time .... The process vastly improved my sewing time!
Country Charmer Block 9
Country Charmer Block 10
I love the way the center in Block 10 seems to "shoot" from the triangle. That was a complete surprise - no fussy cutting involved ..... simply the luck of the cut!


Lynn said...

I like your saying "The Luck of the Cut!" I'm going to remember that one. Great blocks Donna.

Sue said...

Amazing what some minor surgery can do :-D Love blocks 9 & 10 !

QuiltSue said...

We all do that, don't we? I know I am always amazed when I do change the blade, at how easy it is, then I wonder why I left it so long!

Lovely looking blocks, you'll soon be finished at this rate.