Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Purple & Pink Stripped Mouse

Block 5 was "bugging" me! Something just NOT right but I could NOT figure out what. I was considering putting it in the reject pile. I just did NOT like the block and knew it would be the one which always caught my eye. Unreconciled errors become focal points to me. - Crazy?

This morning Ms Cat's toy of choice was a fat purple and pink stripped mouse. As she was batting the poor mouse about the room my eye caught the movement of the strips and I KNEW what it was about block 5 I did NOT like. Much seam ripping later I got this ....
I now LIKE the block. Strips are running in the correct order. As naughty as Ms Cha Cha was yesterday, I am thrilled she decided to be so very helpful this morning.

1 comment:

Jane Galley said...

They have their uses sometimes, lol. Amazing how something so simple can affect the way something looks