Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kim and Stitch

This morning when the lamp on my sewing table crashed into my ice tea glass, which went flying over the carpet causing me to JUMP (here comes the seam ripper), I remembered a blog post I read last week. Kim "nudges" her cat, Stitch, from the sewing room when he becomes "tiresomely attention-needy." You can read Kim's story here.

"Nudge" and "tiresomely attention-needy" were not my thoughts on the black ball of fur running down the hall as the lamp and glass connected. Ms Cha Cha Cat does recognize when she is in danger!

30 minutes later all is cleaned up and I head to my sewing area to correct the crazy seam, This is what I found .....
The Cat returned to the scene of the crime! Bad Cat!
Despite the devious plotting valiant assistance efforts of Ms Cha Cha I did get some sewing done today.
Country Charmer Block 4

Country Charmer Block 5
And just so those of you with lovely furry sewing assistants will know - Should your sewing machine totally stop mid stitch - I mean the light goes out and all moving parts freeze - check the wall plug before you panic.  
I need an extra room so I can "nudge" Ms Cat out!
I've put my sewing away for the day. Me and Ms Cat are tuckered out from all the work we did today....



Jane Galley said...

It's surprising how much damage they can cause, for something so agile, lol. Glad you managed to get some blocks done, despite the interruptions

QuiltSue said...

I love the latest blocks, and am glad to see that the efforts of Ms Cat did not stop you sewing altogether.