Monday, February 4, 2013

Beware of Walmart's Parking Lot

The 40 degree nights and 60+ degree days around here have had me a bit under the weather. I spent most of the weekend changing clothing - I was hot then cold the hot, etc. - or sleeping. Ms Cha Cha Cat was thrilled. She loves to snuggle on top of the electric blanket.

I did get A & E of my first Country Charmer pinned and ready to stitch. Hmm..... one might say I managed to place 4 pins in 8 pieces of fabric? I know from experience NOT to operate a sewing machine when feeling "poorly." The seam ripper has tricked me before!!
Knowing lots of folks would be glued to their TV for Super Bowl Sunday (I do need to check and see who won lol!) and needing a few items for the upcoming week, ventured to Walmart figuring not many people would be there. I was right. I was in and out quickly - felt rather proud of my brilliant thinking. That is until I exited the store.

My buggy and I were in the crosswalk when the only moving vehicle on the entire lot "jumps" straight toward me. I backtracked. The driver turns into a lane directly in front of the entrance. There are 7 empty parking spaces. I started moving behind his vehicle. He slams the small, older sports car into reverse. His car missed my buggy by a cat's hair.

My annoyance turned to ANGER! So, I pushed my buggy in front of his vehicle, look him in the face and said "Hit It!" The driver was not some hot shot teenager. The driver was an adult - shame on him.

He had the sense to stop and say nothing. . All I have to say is beware of the Walmart parking lot! or should you be an lousy driver perhaps you should BEWARE OF MAKING OLD LADIES ANGRY!


Jane Galley said...

I can just imagine it, lol, glad you escaped without injury. Hope you'll soon be feeling better

QuiltSue said...

Some drivers are just amazing aren't they? I'm so glad you were OK.