Monday, February 25, 2013

Lazy Rainy Day

Ms Cha Cha Cat and I spent a lazy day listening to the rain pour outside. I cut some fabric. Ms Cat slept. I sewed a bit. Ms. Cat slept. I read a little. Ms Cat slept. All in all it was a nice day.
Country Charmer Block 16
Country Charmer Block 17
The pictures do NOT do justice to the colors which are much richer (darker). The background fabric is really a creamy brown.  A normally dark duplex and no outdoor sun in a couple of days does not make for great pictures.

And should anyone be wondering why I was home on a Monday - today I turned 60. I figured an old woman like me deserved a three day weekend.


Lynn said...

Donna Happy Birthday! You are not old....don't let anyone say you are old! I'm older than you, so what does that make me?? Your blocks look great by the way. I love the red check!

Hazel said...

Well happy birthday, Donna! You certainly deserve your 3 day weekend, and a lovely day sewing!

QuiltSue said...

Happy birthday to yoooo, etc. (Imagine it sung in a beautiful, tuneful way, and just be glad you can't hear me singing it!)

Hope you had a great day and were thoroughly spoilt by Ms Cat.