Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two Inches by Two Inches - Twice

Two 2" square pieces! That is all I need for the cobblestone drive at Red Snapper Hideaway. I have searched and searched - Ms Cha Cha cat "steals" pieces but I have checked her hiding places. No luck! I will have to squeeze the two pieces out of the sashing/backing/binding/borders I ordered from The Old Country Store. When I do I am positive I will then find the odd piece the cat stole and put under the bed/couch/chair! I did find a missing plastic bowl, a lost piece of fabric from my last project and various other out of place items.

And I have my first reservation for a Gulf side condo at Red Snapper Hideaway. Quilt Sue and hubby are scheduled for two weeks starting mid May. We are SO EXCITED!

My fabric arrived for the Festive Mystery Quilt ........
The color is washed out. I think I need a new camera! I'll tell Santa later this year. The light and medium strips are neatly cut and far away from prying paws. Ms Cha Cha loves stolen fabric.



Hazel said...

Perhaps the city building inspector has not given those missing sections of cobbles the ok, and has taken them away for further analysis...?

If I rent one of the condos next to Sue at the beginning of May, we could have a party!

Miss 376 said...

Oh, what a mischievous pussy! I need no help from the animals to lose my pieces

QuiltSue said...

Hey, Hazel's had a really good idea. In fact, have you got one really huuuuge condo that we could rent, leave hubbies/partners/kids/etc at home and have a quilt retreat!