Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pelican Way Blvd.

Pelican Way Blvd., which is one sand dune up from Oyster Bay Lane, has been totally renovated after Tropical Storm Donna. The roof construction method was adapted for use with the rulers available (the specialty ruler used by for this pattern is not in my possession at the moment).

The city building inspector stopped by .....
and we have been given approval to move on to the last lovely street in our beach side condo development. All should be ready for rental at the season start. Get packed. Rental rates are guaranteed to suit your budget and the view from the condos is breathtaking!



Miss 376 said...

They've turned out really well. How many more have you got to do?

Hazel said...

Just love these, Donna! Can I place a reservation?? Nice to see the city building inspector is taking her job so seriously! :-)