Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Catch-Of-The-Day Ave.

Catch-Of-The-Day Avenue joins Pelican Way Blvd. and Oyster Bay Drive. As soon as the cobblestone streets and landscaping is complete these three swanky condos rows will open as Red Snapper Hideaway. Make your reservations early. This hot property is a going concern!

You may note the absence of the City Building Inspector. She was caught early this morning in clear violation of City Regulations by the Mayor and is now secluded preparing her defense. Translation - I caught Cha Cha cat walking on the forbidden kitchen counter and she is hiding under the bed to avoid being scolded.  Never fear, she will be out shortly acting as if she just got up from a nap.



Miss 376 said...

Well done, I shall look forward to them in their places on the finished item

QuiltSue said...

I'd like to reserve one of the waterfront ones, please.