Monday, September 30, 2013

Drum Roll, Please!

I have rearranged these a zillion times since I took this pictures. Nevertheless there are TWELVE completed blocks for Scrappy Triangles. Drum roll, please!

And Ms Cha Cha Cat says .....

Stupid, stupid human! Yesterday I had to tell her when it was morning treat time. Repeated the telling to get my evening treats. Now I'm having to explain morning treat time again today!

Are humans incapable of learning and retaining important details? Mine definitely is ... especially on what she calls weekends. But ...Today is no longer her weekend.

A poor cat can dry up and shrivel away with treats. Stupid, stupid human!

I had a grand weekend sewing. Hope all of you did too. 


Lesley said...

Holy moly! Yes, you have a drum roll. Your blocks are outstanding! What a quilt you will have!

Joanna said...

Those blocks look super together. Nice job.

Barb said...


Aunt 'Reen said...

Your blocks are really beautiful!
LOVE them!