Sunday, September 15, 2013

Father Ice

Father Ice (Dedt Moroz) has been started ... finally. This is my challenge piece (no red or green fabric) for the Christmas Challenge and QAL. My pictures below, with the exception of the first which I borrowed from Sue Garman's site) will either bore you to death or put you to sleep. Prep for applique is definitely not exciting; although necessary!
Pattern Dedt Moroz - Father Ice by Sue Garman (image borrowed from her site)
Fabric Selection Made and Charted - Remember No Red/No Green
Pattern Copies and Labeled for Fabrics
Pattern Reversed
Wax Paper Templates Made and Labeled
The templates now reside in a sealed zip lock away from curious teeth and paws. That would be Ms Cha Cha I am referring to. She is currently taking a nap but one never knows when she might decide to attack! One has to be always prepared.

Next up - the fabric for the Shoo Fly block this Santa sits on will be pressed and cut. I may actually get the block stitched today. We will see.

Hazel of Hazel's Quilts is our lovely hostess for this weekend QAL. Dash over to her blog to be involved in all the fun and see what others are working on.


Lesley said...

Your Father Ice is going to be gorgeous in blue! Great project!

Joanna said...

He is one handsome Santa. I don't envy your prep work with all of those little pieces, but he will be super.

Hazel said...

I think that those itty bits would drive me a bit crackers - but worth it for the end result!

QuiltSue said...

He's going to look lovely, but oh my, there's a lot of pieces to keep control of there.