Sunday, September 29, 2013

Appearances Can Be Deceptive

I have sewed and sewed this week but one would not know it from this ...

The four quadrants for two blocks stitched. This will make nine blocks once finished! Yet, no completed blocks to show this week.

                     CAN BE

See - these are the rows for all the quadrants of the remaining three blocks ready for pressing.

The rows all pressed and ready for approval! Approval? What?

Quilting at this house is a joint effort. Everything done has to meet Ms Cha Cha Cat's approval. The rows passed! Yeah!

And WHAT!!! is this? All the rows of triangles are stitched for the twelve blocks and this remains?

Drat! I forgot the border of Scrappy Triangles was full of - guess what - more TRIANGLES (HSTs).

Moving on .... I am linking with Kim of Kim's Big Quilting Adventure for Scrap Basket Sunday. Go visit Kim to see what everyone else is working on.
Now what is the naughty Ms Cha Cha Cat doing? Showing me the tubs holding my Christmas Challenge and QAL which has not been toughed this week? Maybe! Perhaps she wants the world to see how badly my cutting table needs cleaning? Perhaps!

No, dear readers. Ms Cha Cha Cat is being annoying. She plans to continue being annoying until CAT TREATS get in her bowl! Naughty cat!


All the quadrant rows of the last three blocks stitched - ready to be pressed.

Five of the blocks aren't completed but the quadrants are all ready to be stitched together! And there are TWELVE!! blocks on the design tablecloth. Yeah!


Valerie Reynolds said... are right...they are deceptive.They are coming out beautiful! PS: Cha-CHa reminds me of our ol' boy Barney who passed this year. He was NINETEEN!!!

Rosa said...

Fabulous.Less to finish your quilt.Happy sewing!!

Joanna said...

That's what I love about quilting. You begin with all of these bits and pieces and end with a gorgeous creation. It's looking pretty nice from here.

Lesley said...

I am in awe of these blocks! Each one is so stunning. Thanks for sharing your progress. It's fun to see all the rows waiting to be pressed...hope you don't have an open window in your sewing room. Would hate to get those rows mixed up....giggle!

Julie in GA said...

Your blocks look beautiful! I love your colors.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Just so lovely... and so such stitching! Glad your supervisor is on the job.