Sunday, September 15, 2013

Secondary Patterns & A Deceptive Old Coot!

I finished another block of my Scrappy Triangles blocks and pushed them close for working room on my design tablecloth. The secondary pattern surprised me. Of course, the pattern clearly shows the secondary pattern but ... well, I guess I forgot. lol

There will be sashing with cornerstones between the blocks, so this is not the end look. I love watching quilts come together.

Now let me tell you about the deceptive Old Coot! dba Dedt Monoz (Father Ice). He is not really Santa! Dedt Monoz comes from an ancient Siberian legend used to frighten children). Sue Garman, the pattern designer shared the legend  You will have to find it for yourself although I will give you this part ....

Sue writes "Although, the legend was not associated with Christmas, the story - and later, illustrations of it - reminded people of Christmas ..."

Father Ice had me hopping today!
With Christmas getting so close and all.
And, he is not really Santa!
Old Coot!

Do not tell the Old Coot but he will be not only a Christmas decoration at me house, he will be introduced to visitors as Santa!

The September gathering at Hazel's for the Christmas Challenge & QAL has been delightful. Hazel is such a wonderful hostess. She made gingerbread people to teach us about the Birds and the Bees!

Thanks for having us, Hazel. I agree with Oliver Cat (one of the cats Hazel belongs to!) - it is time to quit for the day!


Joanna said...

Father Ice looked like a version of Santa to me. And I bet there are still some children afraid of him. Those secondary designs are part of the magic of quilting that I love.

QuiltSue said...

Well I would never have known he wasn't Santa if you hadn't told us. He's going to look great, and so is your triangles quilt.

Aunt 'Reen said...

Beautiful blocks! I really like the 2ndary pattern as well.