Monday, April 29, 2013

Whirlwind Weekend

My what a Whirlwind this weekend has been. My mom, who was expecting to have a terrible day on Saturday when she, turned 80, gave every appearance of enjoying the day. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Sunday afternoon we celebrated my grand niece's "double digit" birthday which was actually the 24th of April and my niece-in-law's 30 something birthday which was Sunday the 28th. We had hamburgers and fixings, as well as a strawberry ice cream cake and my family's famous chocolate pie. The 2 year brother of Miss Double Digits (10) says CHOCOLATE in a blissful - I am in love!!! - manner in between each and every bite. So adorable! Our very mobile 7 month old entertained everyone. He is

I managed to work in some sewing time. My Schnibbles Hat Trick is coming along. I went with a consistent background fabric to sort of "tame" all the other scrappy colors. I have the top border attached and the piano key borders made. I will finish this flimsy in time for the Schnibbles parade!

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Needled Mom said...

The Schnibbles looks wonderful in those fabrics.

Happy birthday to all.