Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vintage Schnibbles "Hat Trick"

Presenting my scrappy version of Carrie Nelson's Vintage Schnibbles "Hat Trick" The flimsy is not yet quilted however the top is completely DONE in time for the Schnibbles Parade sponsored by Sinta and Sherri. This was a fun project. I'm looking forward to next month's Schnibbles already. I love little quilts!

At my house I have a design floor. In theory this should work perfectly well but then I have a CAT! Her name is Ms Cha Cha Cat and she adores assisting with any and all designs on the design floor!

Hmm ... Wonder What is on MY Floor?
Pretty Cool! Did She Call it CAT TRICK?
There is NO Black! I Can Fix That!

What do I Hear??!! Did She Tell Ms Cat to Get Off??!! Surely Not!
Seriously friends I would invest in a design wall if I thought it would be any better. I can imagine flying fabric as Ms Cha Cha Cat climbs the wall! It is a good thing I love this crazy cat.

Be sure to catch the Schnibbles Parade Wednesday, May 1, 2013. Just drop by to visit Sinta at Pink Pincushion and Sherri at A Quilting Life.

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Jane Galley said...

I love the colours in this, it looks lovely. You won't be able to keep Miss Cha Cha off it once it's quilted