Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mystery Solved!

Oh, Yeah! We are going to sew. I see the top off our machine. I'm ready to HELP!
23 blocks (1 of the 24 was done yesterday) waiting for some chain sewing.
Some layout FUN! Will it be option #1? Ms Cha Cha says definite NO! I agree.
Could it be option #2? I do like this. It needs an additional 4 patch in each block. Maybe later.
Option #3? Getting Warm.
What will the Festive Mystery Quilt Become?
The Winner! I wanted the green plain to stand out and I love the movement in this layout.
I'll close with a picture of the center. I Love the Green Plaid!
The Festive Mystery quilt now awaits borders.
I am now ready to see what everyone else created!
 Ms Cha Cha cat after a hard weekend of sewing.
Ms Cha Cha after the camera flash disturbed her beauty rest.
Disclaimer:  No cat was harmed in the taking of these pictures - I swear!



Miss 376 said...

That's turned out really well, I love seeing all the different variations you can get

QuiltSue said...

Congrats, you're the first one to finish. I LOVE your final layout, and I think Ms Cha Cha did a wonderful job of helping.

I hope you're happy with the quilt top?

Joanna said...

I love the finish you chose and think Ms. ChaCha's help was invaluable.

Lesley said...

I love your layout for this quilt! Gorgeous!

Mrs.Pickles said...

wow that looks great!!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Good for you, it's turning up wonderfully!

Lynn said...

Donna, it's gorgeous!

Lynda said...

Beautiful quilt. Love seeing all the different layouts too. Ms Cha Cha does look a bit tired.

Hazel said...

I think that Ms Cha Cha deserves a nap - we all know what hard work this quilting lark can be!

Joanna said...

I like your version very much. And ChaCha is a sweetie.