Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back from Hibernation

I was amazed to see it has been over a month since I visited my own blog. Summer is in full swing in Florida - relatives and friends visiting, gallons of sand to vacuum (sand loves to come indoors!), crazy work days, lots of outdoor grilling and well, unfortunately not much sewing going on.
Check out my lovely win from Quilt Sue of Quilt Times - Little Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings for Moda. I won the drawing last month in the Christmas Mystery Quilt Along. I'm very lax in saying thank you to Sue. The mail came. I stacked it on my computer desk-unopened and ran out for a family gathering. I found the package and some other mail items crammed between my desk and the wall yesterday while doing some serious cleaning. Can anyone say Ms Cha Cha Cat? My assumption is she was searching for her mail or trying to be helpful. Thank you Sue. I love the charm.

Speaking of the Christmas Mystery Quilt Along - today is the day .......
Our lovely hostess is Lynn of Sew'n Wild Oaks Quilting. Lynn has an exciting day planned for us. I hear she has an adorable free pattern available just for us - today. So go visit Lynn and link up. You will be glad you did.

My morning has been exciting already. Ms Cha Cha Cat has a favorite stuffed mouse. She tosses, attacks and frequently loses said mouse. Should it fall behind or under something she, being lazy, meows for me to retrieve the item. Should this happen when I am not at home the mouse stays lost until I discover it cleaning. Today I was home. Meowing cat is peering into the toilet! The poor mouse is now drying. I did wash it first!


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QuiltSue said...

Ms Cha Cha is a real character isn't she? I am glad that you/she liked the prize anyway. I still think she hid it cos she liked it so much and was trying to make sure you didn't use it before she came up with her own plan for it.