Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Pressing Evening

I have a pressing evening awaiting. All the 9 patch rows are stitched together in strips. All sits on the ironing board ready for a lot of press-press-press!! action. I want the rows joined so I can play with block layout. But, I am out of steam! It is a bit past 2:30 p.m. in Panama City, FL and me and Ms Cha Cha have been stitching since about 11:30 a.m.

Ms Cha Cha has been of great assistance. She took the spool of thread off the machine in mid seam. Next she grabbed a mouth full of pins The scissors missed my big toe by a smidgen after a black paw swatted. And, she was beyond valuable in unloading my plastic storage tubes - she missed the table once or twice and I had to retrieve pieces from the floor. She is now sleeping. She got completely exhausted helping me!

I do believe I will run to the store in the rain and get me some ice cream. Ms Cha Cha put in her order for tuna when she saw (how is it sleeping cats never miss anything?) me looking at my shoes.



Joanna said...

Ms. ChaCha is a sewing want-to-be. I find that sewing intensely for 3 or 4 hours is tiring, but I love that we're up to the block stage of this project.

Lynn said...

Great looking blocks Donna. I'm sure your pressing will go well this evening. Just don't press Ms Cha Cha's tail!

Sand and Sunshine said...

What a great helper. Right. So she sees you leaving and knows it's surely for Ice Cream and Tuna? I would not want to see the look on the checkout clerk's face as you move through the line with those two items, hehe, if only they knew.

QuiltSue said...

Ms Cha Cha is such a great helper - if only we all had one like that. Hope you enjoyed the tuna and ice-cream!