Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Queensland Flooding

The flooding in Queensland Australia is devastating. Last year I participated in a FRIENDS Swap sponsored by Khris of Sew Prim Khris. My wonderful swap partner was Leanne of Stitch Selection. Both of my blogging/quilting friends live in Australia - not in the flooded area; although Khris has family directly effected by the flooding.

Quilters, I have found, are loving, generous people. This is a time of need and there are things each of us can do to make a difference. Please join me in helping where we can.

On my side bar you will find a lovely pink flower which is a link to Gumtree Designers. These loving people are organizing a drive to assist quilters in the flooded areas. Please take a moment to visit this site. Your help and prayers will be much appreciated.

Directly under the lovely pink flower on my sidebar you will see the cutest stuffed pig - his name is Percy - and Percy will link you to Stitch Selection and Leanne's request for Huggles (soft stuffed toys) for the children of Queensland. Please check it out. The children who have been displaced by the flood will certainly appreciate a Huggle made by you.

Go visit Sew Prim Khris. You will find under her post of 01/12/11 a list of sites/organizations prepared to assist in these difficult times. Follow your heart. Thanks.


Barb said...

Thanks for all of the links, I have that New Beginnings on my blog but not the other.

Khris said...

Thanks so much for getting the word out...I really appreciate your support....its just a nightmare and I fight back the tears as each day goes by...hugs Khris

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks also from me as well. Its just so surreal what is happening in Queensland. So heartbreaking.