Sunday, January 2, 2011

Layer Cake Quilt Along

Okay. Okay. So I am slow .... slower than a 100 year old turtle. A while back I purchased the fabric - Eden by Lila Tueller for Moda - the dark green is Crackle by Kathy Schmitz LLC for Moda for the Layer Cake Quilt Along sponsored by Moose on the Porch. Now most people who committed to the quilt along are waiting patiently for the release of block #5 (they have actually completed blocks #1, #2, #3 and #4). I, on the other hand, just the moment completed my block #1. Better late than never!

The block is called the "Alabama Spinner Block" and was designed by Gene Black from Alabama. I fussy cut the center block because I simply did not want to attempt the circle Gene put in his design. I mean - come on - this was my first attempt at cutting and sewing half square triangles. My star points are not 100% accurate but I am pleased with this first attempt. 

And, you gotta love the fringed lamp displaying my prized block! Lacking a design wall and wanting a straight shot at the block, I elected the living room lamp as "holder." Sort of suggestive of a New Year's Eve lamp shade on my someones head!

This took me hours! I will eventually finish all the blocks - I will! - however enough for tonight. Happy quilting to all!


Barb said...

Yes, Gene designed a wonderful block and your colors go nicely!

QuiltSue said...

Your block is beautiful, and you should be proud of it. As for saying you will "eventually" complete them, remember it's not a race, everyone works at a different pace. The important thing is that you enjoy doing it. After all, this is supposed to be a hobby!

Lucky-1 said...

Oh what a beautiful block and those colours are gawjus