Saturday, January 15, 2011

Moving On!

I took a serious look at Blocks 5 & 6 of the Layer Cake Quilt Along. Both were a bit "modern" and did not seem to lend themselves to the overall look of my material (quilt). Determined I plowed on. I started Block 6, did not like the look I was getting and decided (wrong decision!) to become inventive - you know alter the block to my taste and not waste material. The result was an absolute MESS! This block will not make it's way into this quilt.
My MESS!   
Please do not misunderstand me. The above looks nothing like the block design. And, the original design was lovely just not right for the look I was going for. I scratched Block 5 - as it too would be lovely in a more modern quilt top. The block said NO! - not this time - and I moved on!

So, then I really did get inventive! To my surprise I like the result. At the moment it is my favorite of the blocks. I fussy cut one of my favorites out of Eden by Lila Tueller, "matted" it like a picture with Crackle by Kathy Schmitz and put the piece in a fancy frame made out of the Eden.
My "Design"
 I did discover "designing" is major WORK! And, on my day off? Phew! Wanting a 6th block so I could theoretically be "caught-up" in the Layer Cake Quilt Along, I turned to the Internet for guidance. I suddenly remembered a block I had seen just earlier today on Learn 2 Quilt Online. Chris Dahl's block was perfect for my quilt. Thanks Chris!

I am pleased with the result. Remembering the unruly geese of last weekend, I tried a new game plan, I carefully carried only the pieces "seam by seam" from my design area ALL the way across the room to my sewing machine, sewed the seam and came ALL the way back to my design area to carefully check "direction" before proceeding. Does ALL the way across the room and ALL the way back count as exercise??? Chain stitching is faster! Today I left the chain stitching to the experts and my seam ripper got a rest!
Block 6 - Yeah! 

This is the end of sewing for me for today. Believe me - I quit in the Nick of Time! See how much thread I had left!
Tomorrow, with new thread, I am devoting to the sewing kits for the the Queensland, Australia flood victims. I may also start on some fairly simple 9 patch blocks for the Quilts for Queensland (see button on my side bar) that Retro Mummy is graciously offering to turn into quilts. The people in the flood zone need all the help, love and support we can provide.  Happy Quilting to All!


Joanna said...

I love both of your blocks, and think they really showcase your fabric, too. Nice job.

Miss 376 said...

You couldn't use the seem ripper yesterday, it was too busy here, lol. Well done on your new blocks

QuiltSue said...

The block you designed is great. I love how you fussy cut the larger motif for the centre.

Oh, and yes, that definitely counts as exercise too. Another thought, if you didn't eat anything while you were sewing, you dieted too!

Stray Stitches said...

Both of your blocks are beautiful!!