Monday, January 10, 2011

Bumpy Flight - Happy Landing

Where is Air Geese Traffic Control when you need them?  The block I selected to work on for the Layer Cake Quilt Along sponsored by Moose on the Porch yesterday had 12 - count them - 12 HSTs, which became Flying Geese. These little critters have a designated flight pattern. We require ORDER!  My geese had minds of their own. A couple of them changed directions between the layout and piecing processes. Bad geese! Since Geese Traffic Control was apparently sleeping on the job, I used a cattle prod seam ripper to correct the geese. In the end all are safely flying and there are no congestion issues in my quilt.
Layer Cake Quilt Along Block #2

Block #2 (my 4th) was designed by Vickie Eapen of Spun Sugar Quilt. Lovely design and a pleasure to piece. Vickie is also the organizer and first designer in the Be Mine Valentine Blog Hop which yesterday (01/09/11). If you haven't already, go check out the her adorable hearts ornaments - she is offering the instructions for free.

Miss Snitch Hard at Work!

No wonder the geese thought they could fly any old way they wanted! They had been watching the master snitch cat being sneaky and uncontrollable! Happy quilting to all!


Barb said...

Cute helper you have there....glad you got your geese to coorperate...

Miss 376 said...

A very familiar sight, lol
Well done on your block, it looks fabulous

Stray Stitches said...

Your block is beautiful - I love the colors! Miss Snitch looks like she is having tons of fun!!