Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Special Baby Quilt, Cha Cha & Life

Well no progress on the Special Baby Quilt. However, I did borrow a camera and took a picture of the fabric, which I am in love with. I have a design "mapped" out to turn this into a 48x48 comfy, cozy quilt for a special little girl arriving later in the year. I'm excited to get started. Life got a bit in the way - in a good way - my sister had a birthday, company dropped by unexpectedly and then the work week started (and this week is a full six days instead of the normal 5). Perhaps I can get this cut out in the next couple of days. That will make Sunday afternoon a perfect sewing time.

And, since I have the borrowed camera ... here are a few pictures of my pride and joy - Cha Cha.  She came to live with me in February of this year.  She is now 3 1/2 years old.  I love my Cha Cha!  Isn't she adorable.  She and I are currently have a dispute over walking on kitchen cabinets.  I think she shouldn't.  She thinks she should.  This morning when the alarm went off and before I got my feet on the floor, I heard what sounded suspiciously like cat paws hitting the floor from kitchen cabinet height.  Of course when I got in the kitchen, I found I was mistaken -- she was asleep in a chair - Yeah, right!!  I love my Cha Cha.  She is wonderful!

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