Monday, August 16, 2010

Camera Battery & Comment Moderation

Finally got a new camera battery.  It is charging for the first of three charges the nice man said had to happen before I used the camera.  Silly me thought I could plop it in and it would magically work.  Actually, I knew better but ... we the magical part was on my wish list.

While updating the picture on the blogs I follow, it came to my attention that "comment moderation" meant I had to take an action before the comments would appear on my blog.  No magic here either?  Oh, well I do apologize to my friends who were gracious enough to post on my blog.  I will be more on the ball next go around.

Tomorrow - pictures!
Okay, I absolutely had to cheat on the charging.  Here are a couple of Cha Cha cat pictures from the partially charged battery.

Not great shots.  The couch truly has much deeper color.  I will have to work on my picture taking skills.  After the battery is fully charged that is.  And Cha Cha is not impressed either!  Have a wonderful evening!

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