Sunday, March 16, 2014

Worthless Cat!

The only - one, very tiny, small,  little thing - Ms Cha Cha Cat was asked to do this week to earn her food, treats, catnip, toys and bed, her did not do!

I got the e-mail yesterday stating my fabric order from Shabby Fabrics was OUT FOR DELIVERY! Ms Cat was assigned to a nice open window on a lovely breezy, sunny day to watch for the mail truck. She was to let me know immediately when my fabric arrived. She perched merrily in the window most of the day.

She did not notify me when the mail truck came and WENT! 
Naughty Cat!

And, I was waiting on this .....

Such pretty fabric - from the Henley Flowers line by Makower UK. I love this fabric.

Well despite the lazy, worthless Ms Cha Cha Cat I got my hands on the mail delivery in time to stitch some borders on National Quilting Day. The day ended well. I have a flimsy - one I cannot show you because it is a SECRET. You will simply have to trust me. I do have a flimsy!

Not that the worthless, spoiled, over-indulged, and very naughty Ms Cha Cha Cat gives a flip. She would rather have her cat treats!  Her is so worthless. I love Ms Cha Cha Cat!


QuiltSue said...

That is so pretty. I'm glad that you got it safely, despite Ms Cha Cha Cat's best/worst efforts.

Sandy D said...

LOL and I thought maybe you had a mouse in the house that she failed to get.Maybe we should train our cats to bark.LOL

Barb said...


maybe she wanted all the attention for herself?