Sunday, March 9, 2014

Oh, Happy Day!

Oh, Happy Day! says Ms Cha Cha Cat. Get this she says - the silly human finally fixed that thing she calls a clock. I, the brilliant cat, have been telling her since way back last fall the darn thing was broken. I'm going to remember to say SPRING FORWARD should the clock thing ever get an hour off again.

And, Ms Cha Cha Cat says her day is getting better and better. The silly human not only fixed the clock, she got to the only real important part of quilt making ......

A table of BORDER - long wavy strips, so enticing to a cat!

Ms Cha Cha is willing to engage the silly human in a game of


See, the human was up to the game.

Wait, did she just call me


Bad, bad, bad, human!

Okay, so the human can have her borders. I am having one - 

Oh, Happy Day! 
- with the clock finally fixed.


Melissa said...

Wow! Cha Cha looks just like my first cat. Adorable!

Jane Galley said...

I'm surprised you thought fabric strips were for sewing, lol

QuiltSue said...

LOL. See, cats are smarter than us! That border fabric is a gorgeous colour, which definitely suits Miss Cha Cha Cat.