Saturday, March 1, 2014

Threads of Memory - Block 1

Finally! Finally, is the best thing I can think of to say about this block this morning. It is finally finished!

The four corner sections challenged my ability, patience, and mental health. Do not get me wrong. The construction is actually rather simple and well explained in the pattern instructions. My problem I think was me.

First, when cutting READ INSTRUCTIONS. A 45 degree angle is not difficult to rotary cut, especially with the nice rulers I have available. I failed to read the part of the instructions that said cut four going one way. AND, the other four going the other way. Okay, I can use the wrongly cut fabric in other sections of this quilt. No loss, other than time.

Second, check the layout on the design wall prior to getting all excited about stitching the block. Looks can be deceiving! Just saying. At least my brain kicked in before I had anything that would require the use of a seam ripper. Something in my brain kept screaming - wrong!

Third, once I got first and second in line with the pattern instructions, the construction of my block fell in place. There are a few not so sharp points; however, I am pleased with the result. Ms Cha Cha Cat says her is pleased. Her was getting tired of the naughty language coming out of me.

SILVER THIMBLE QUILTS:  Pat over at Silver Thimble Quilts is having a fun giveaway. Pat has also added neutral bundles to her website to help me learn about tone! Go here for the giveaway. Now there is a catch ... when you go say Donna and Cha Cha sent you.

Okay ... so I get a couple of extra changes to win if you do. Just go do it! Thanks in advance to all who do.


Sandy said...

Is that for Barbara Brackman's BOM? I think that block would challenge me. Yours turned out really nice. I love the fabrics. Good luck with the rest, I'll try to follow your progress!

LynCC said...

Hehe - yeah, my language can get not so nice when the sewing keeps getting messed up, and particularly when the machine is being a brat! That's going to be a nice quilt. :D

Heidi said...

The block is beauty! Thanks for the link to Pat's, what a generous giveaway!

QuiltSue said...

Your block may have given you kittens (tell Ms Cha Cha I'm sorry for using such language) when you were making it, but it is beautiful.

I've already entered Pat's giveaway, otherwise I'd have done it through you, sorry.

Pattilousquilts F said...

My goodness it is a beautiful block! I've read instructions wrong myself--more than once! Frustrating! Way to stick with it and get such a nice result.