Monday, March 3, 2014

Offended Beyond Words

This picture is the face of a cat who is Offended Beyond Words! Ms Cha Cha Cat was banned from the cutting table most of the day yesterday. It took several "removals" for her to understand banned! And, when she understood her was offended - insulted, no less - and very, very angry. Such is the life of this poor little kitty. Her human is bad!

I was cutting fabric I had just enough of and did not require the assistance of the lovely Ms Cha Cha Cat.

See from the picture what I mean - those are the scraps!

When I finally finished cutting and visited the restroom, I returned to find Ms Cat stretched out on the cutting board claiming her space Victory!

I decided a tune sandwich would be perfect for supper.and found myself allowed a rare experience. I made and ate my tuna without the assistance of the cat, who refused to leave "her table" even for the alluring smell of tuna. Crazy Cat! She remained on the table hours later when I got ready for bed. Feeling sorry for her I strategically placed my housecoat beside her on the table. I woke this morning t find ......

And, that would be the look of 
" Do NOT even think of telling me to get down!"

She did come in the kitchen to quickly eat the tuna I had saved her. She is now back on the cutting board - her favorite place to sleep - Not! Until banned Ms Cat had no real interest in this spot except as a route to the window. 



Denise :) said...

Oh! She may be bad and banned, but she's such a pretty little thing!! She reminds me so much of my little Merlin cat, who I miss much. Isn't funny how stuck they can get about a certain spot??!! :)

Jane Galley said...

She looks as if she's daring you to move her, lol

QuiltSue said...

She is so funny. I see what you mean about having no margin for cutting errors. That was really close wasn't it?