Sunday, August 11, 2013

Christmas QAL & Challenge - Day 2 #1

Day two of the Christmas QAL & Challenge for August is underway. Joanna of Needle, Thread, Happiness is our lovely hostess for this wonderful weekend. Hurry over to see what the gang is all up to.

I still have not started my QAL. Seems I keep getting distracted! Scrappy Triangles keeps calling my name. I prepped what will be - should I hold fast to measure twice, cut once - 128 triangles for my plastic tub. I press my two squares together instead of using pens so will need to finish these before moving on.

And the weather is beautiful right now! The sun is out! Yeah! I'm determined to find a good location to take outdoor pictures of my Country Charmer. Wish me luck.

Here is a picture of 128 (hopefully!) 2" HSTs prepped for stitching. Later today I plan to make the wax paper templates for my QAL applique. I may even get the fabric cut and ready for the real fun!

Ms Cat is taking a nap. She needs one. She has been very busy this morning. The sewing machine chair my sister gave me for Christmas last year has become INTERESTING to the naughty cat. She spent the past 7.5 months SCARED OF THE CHAIR! NO MORE! My chair has apparently become Ms Cha Cha Cat's new favorite toy.
Maybe I do like this chair. Those rollers on the legs aren't really that scary.
Well perhaps the rollers are a bit scary. I'll have to be careful.
Now the chair quit moving. I do like this chair!
Do NOT even think of telling me to get down!


QuiltSue said...

Hope you got your Country Charmer photos done.

I think Ms Cha Cha Cat is doing a great job of keeping your sewing chair warm for you.

Joanna said...

Counting the hst's sounds like work itself. Hope you have another chair you can use for sewing.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Rolling chairs can be a bit scarey - and love your piles of scrappy HSTs.

Hazel said...

I wonder if I am the only one who carefully rolls the chair out the way when a cat is asleep on it, and fetch another to use instead...?