Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Shield Your Eyes!

Warning! Pictures in this post are so BRIGHT damage can be done to the unshielded eye!

The second set of nine patch units all starched and pressed waiting for two magic cuts.

And, I thought for possibly these units would tone this quilt down? No! I suppose adding yellow, turquoise and flecks of red to yellow, red and turquoise is not a tone down combination!

I remember when I went off to college (many years ago!) my parents allowed my sister to "re-do" our bedroom. My sister tie-dyed white with a fire engine red. The result was so LOUD I had difficulty sleeping in our room when at home. Looks like my sister's eldest grandchild doesn't "fall far from the tree!"

Now that Ms Cha Cha Cat has redesigned our morning schedule to 3 a.m. wake-ups I had some time this morning. Ms Cat knows if she can get me semi-conscious I will have a nature call and once I am up unfortunately I am up. She wins! So I cut nine patch units into disappearing nine patch and loosely stuck them on my design tablecloth.

The borders are not going to
this quilt!
I would take a bet Sue Abrey, the lovely pattern designer, can see the startling glare way over across the ocean at her home. For all you bright lovers, I am glad the colors live at your house! lol And, I am especially glad to say the next great niece in line for a quilt loves pinks and purples - I will do bright but the colors will be more in my comfort zone.

The red, yellow, turquoise thing! Once I get this stitched I must find the brightest backing available. Have a great day!


Lesley said...

Bright and beautiful!

Jane Galley said...

It looks fab, once those secondary patterns start appearing. Going to be the quilt that pulls you through winter

QuiltSue said...

I have to say that although they would not be my colours, I LOVE it. It is bright, but think how cheerful it'll be to snuggle in on a dark, cold day.