Monday, February 17, 2014

3 a.m. - Oh, My

This ...

Decided 3 a.m. was the perfect time for cat treats! She is quite persistent when she wants something, so despite my best efforts I found myself wide awake listing to Ms Cha Cha Cat crunch treats at 3 a.m., no less.

Naughty Cat! She is darn lucky, I love her very, very much.

So what does one do at 3 a.m? I am one of those people who cannot go back to bed after putting my feet on the floor. So I did this ...
Strip-sets all cut. Check the time - drat a wee bit after 4 a.m. Onward we go ...

8 of the 9-patch units all pressed, starched, hanging on the design tablecloth awaiting those 2 scary cuts when they become disappearing 9-patch! Can you say BRIGHT! Definitely an unusual site in my calm mauve, navy and sage living area.

Maybe the second set of 9-patch will diffuse some of the color?

Maybe not! - even after they are stitched together. Oh, well it is almost 8 a.m. and time to get ready for work. Can you guess who has gone back to bed?

And, of course, she is on my quilt!

Naughty Cat! Gotta love her!

1 comment:

QuiltSue said...

Naughty cat. However, welcome to my middle of the night world! Can't wait to see this quilt cometogether.