Monday, May 7, 2012


Wikipedia defines nostalgia as a yearning for the past. Well, believe me nostalgia was the feeling I had for sitting at my sewing machine. A month - a month went by without a stitch at this house. We are in the busy season at work and I come home totally wiped out. Some people say sewing relieves their stress. Not me. Sewing when stressed brings out my crazy "perfectionism," raising my stress level. I find reading (and I have been reading a lot!) the best stress reliever for me.

Sunday found me full of nostalgia. I wanted to sew and sew and sew and sew. The problem was I did not want to measure and cut or do any time consuming prep. I wanted to sew. Bummer! - Until my eye caught the Honey Bun Rooee of Rooee's Confetti sent me in the Christmas Sack 2 swap at the end of last year. Rail fence - simple rail fence - my mind shouted. I could be sewing in no time. Oh, yeah!

 Fifteen strip sets later and I am well on my way to a pretty rail fence table topper. Such fun! The amusing thing is the Honey Bun fabric designed by April Cornell was so appropriately names - Nostalgia.

Kim of Kim's Big Quilting Adventure had a giveaway recently. Look what I won! Thank you, Kim.  Kim has one of the most entertaining blogs I have found. Go check her out and tell her i sent you to visit.

I love Carrie Nelson's Schnibbles. The patterns are newly available in pdf Carrie's website -Yes! 

I told Kim I was planning to make this quilt tropical - as in Sunrise Sunset Batiks by Holly Taylor. I had fallen in love with the fabric earlier. Unfortunately, I had failed to purchase. Why do I do that? What not make the purchase when I fall for the fabric?

Now I know Kim will not travel across country to "strangle" me should I use a different fabric. I, on the other hand, had my heart set on Sunrise Sunset Batiks, which was mostly sold out at my go to Internet shopping spots.  An extensive search finally found all the fabric I needed at Cabbage Rose Quilting and Fabrics. Ordering was painless. The mailman will bring my goodies soon.


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I love schnibbles too....